When To Use Google Ads Generic Search Without Brand

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This page is a part of a series of articles that discuss which type of Google Ads campaign is the right one in a particular circumstance.

The first type of campaign is Generic Search Without Brand.

Generic Search Without Brand

Objective: Generate traffic, and possibly new customers, through advertising aimed at people who can buy your products but are not necessarily aware of your brand.

Relevance to the public: Low to medium.

Estimated cost per click: Medium to High ~ (£ 1 to £ 20).

ROI Expectations: Medium (0: 1 to 3: 1, depending on the competition, the product / market, etc.).

KPIs: Acquisition of new customers, revenue, traffic, number of orders.

Scalability: Potentially large, depending on the search volume of the users and the type of terms.

Recommended for: Everyone, but don’t prioritize this method before some of the most profitable campaigns on this list. However, for brands that seek to increase revenue from their top line and acquire new customers, generic search without a brand must be an absolute priority.

Unbranded search campaigns, as the name implies, point to keyword phrases that do not include your brand or products by name. As such, your costs are likely to be higher, since your influence for users is lower, especially for more generic keywords (for example, “buy pillow” versus “organic goose feather pillow in downtown Toronto “).

The objective of this campaign is to attract new visitors and new customers to your site as efficiently as possible. But these campaigns can also have a positive ROAS for advertisers and a considerable amount of potential scale.

Keep in mind that the true value of a customer is not his initial purchase, but his useful life of purchases of his brand.

Ease of implementation: As with all types of search campaigns, it can be difficult. These campaigns require many human resources to manage and test your creative home pages, as well as a lot of money to get results. It is better to hire help to ensure that these campaigns are managed properly.

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