It is vital to set up your Google Ads campaign correctly not to waste money.

This guide should help your streamline your Google Ads account.

If you do not understand whats involved contact a Adwords Management Cardiff specialist.

Adwords Management Cardiff

Structure the Campaign Correctly

A good starting point is to create different campaigns for each service you offer. This will give you more control to allocate your marketing budget to specific services this will give you the opportunity to use different ad scheduling and different targeting per service.

Over time you may want to create a separate campaign for all of your top performing keywords for a particular service. This would allow you to allocate the majority of your budget to keywords you already know perform best while limiting your budget on keywords you want to test.

Set Up Conversion Tracking

Google Ads has conversion tracking that allows you to track many different key actions on your website, including phone calls, contact form submissions, quote requests, appointment requests, and even offline sales.

This must be done manually.

Note that none of the steps following steps can be completed until you get conversion tracking set up correctly. Do not skip this step and do not assume conversion tracking is working just because it was set up in the past. As changes are made to your website it’s possible that the conversion code could be altered or even removed completely.

Remove Badly Performing Keywords

The reality with Google Ads is that some keywords simply will not perform well. They’ll have low click-through rates and low-quality scores.

One way to improve quality scores is to find and either block irrelevant search terms or target top performing search terms.

Optimize Campaign Budgets

If you structured your campaigns properlythen you have the ability to optimize your campaign budgets.

You must allocate the majority of your budget toward what’s proven to perform well. Then use your remaining budget to test new keywords, new targeting options or new offers.

Optimize Ad Copy

When your ads get a high click-through rate, then that leads to more traffic, leads, and sales. That part is obvious. What’s not so obvious is that a high click-through rate will also lead to lower costs.

This is because click-through rate is the biggest factor in your quality score. And when you have a higher quality score, then you can get better ad positioning for less cost. This is why ad copy optimization is so critically important for your campaign performance.

Adwords Management Cardiff

In isolation, none of the incremental changes above appear to be game changers.

But when you combine them together and focus on incremental improvements, month after month, then you will see good results.

If you need an advice contact an Google Ads Management Cardiff specialist.