When To Use Your Competition As the Keywords in Google Ads

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This page is a part of a series of articles that discuss which type of Google Ads campaign is the right one in a particular circumstance.

This article concentrates on using the names of your competition as the key words.

Google Ads Competitor Search

Objective: Acquire new customers who may not know your brand or product by having them present themselves to buyers looking for your competitors.

Relevance to the public: Low. (Users are looking for a specific competitor, not your brand).

Estimated cost per click: Medium to High (~ £ 1 to £ 20).

ROI Expectations: Medium (0: 1 to 3: 1, depending on the competition and if your competitors, or their competitors, are bidding for the same brand keywords).

KPIs: Traffic, new customers, number of orders, ROI.
Scalability: This will depend on how important your competitor’s brand is, the number of users who are looking for it and other campaign actions that promote knowledge of it.

Recommended for: Traders who are already conducting profitable campaigns and interested in acquiring new customers. Also, for merchants with a high value for life or who are actively testing different campaigns aimed at customer acquisition.
A competitor search campaign is actually a reverse brand search campaign. Instead of bidding on the name and products of your own brand, bid on searches for your competitors’ brand keywords.

Stealing traffic from your biggest direct competitors’ keywords seems like a smart strategy, but it can also be relatively expensive because, in this case, you, a competitive brand, are not the most interesting thing that users want to see.

As a general rule, this strategy is employed by brands that can justify the higher costs of acquiring a new customer that could have an average order value or a relatively higher lifetime value. Otherwise, you may have little success with this strategy.

If a brand is not buying your own traffic or does not have much loyalty among your customers, and if your product is an equal or better alternative, this could be a very profitable campaign for you.

(Part of the reason we strongly recommend buying your own brand terms is to avoid this kind of disturbance from a competitor.)

Note: You should not use dynamic keyword insertion in ads when buying competing keywords, nor can you use your name in your ads if you do not sell your product on the page to which you are driving traffic.

Ease of implementation: As with all search campaigns, it is not easy to do and could be very expensive. It is convenient that you look for adequate resources to manage this matter.

Adwords PPC Management Cardiff

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