Best online Marketing in 2019

What is Keyword Mapping?

A crucial part of the keyword planning process is something called ‘Keyword Mapping’. So, what exactly is Keyword Mapping? Well, to summarize, keyword mapping is the process of linking keywords to specific website pages with the overall goal of providing a framework of where you want certain keywords to live on your site.

SEO Problems With Shared Hosting.

Is shared hosting a reasonable choice or will it harm your SEO? To better understand this topic, Single Grain have put together this list of five key points you need to know about the relationship between SEO and shared hosting.

Definative Guide To Backlinks

The amazing Brian Dean has scripted the best article ever on Backlinks. This is a must read guide.

Tips When Writing Google Ads

Most Google Ads are not written very well at all. The guide gives easy to understand information on how to dramatically improve your Google Adverts.

Best 2.0 Do Follow Web Sites

2.0 websites are excelleny way to create excellent backlinks back to your own website. This is an uptodate guide of the best Do Follow sites.

Best Places To Make Guest Posts

Guest Posts are great for SEO but are very difficult to get accepted. Here The Hoth gives a great list of places to try t o get your articles published