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Why Do You Need To Use Facebook Advertising ?

Facebook is by far the biggest source for online display advertising.

Facebook currently has more than 1.6 billion users and the average user spends 7 hours every month on the social network.

But if you don’t use Facebook effectively you will miss out on these opportunities. This is where a Cardiff Facebook Marketing Agency can help.

What is Facebook Advertising ?

Facebook ads is paid marketing that is charged by clicks or impressions.

There are a number of ad formats such as video, image, carousel, slideshow, collection, lead generation, post engagement and page likes.

Why are Facebook Ads So Important?

Our Facebook Advertising Services

Your Facebook advertising will need detailed daily management.

Daily Reporting​

Daily Reporting

We will create customised daily reports that will show you what you have invested and the results that it has achieved.

Facebook Retargeting​

Facebook Retargeting

We will retarget visitors to your site by posting ads directly into their news feeds where they will appear along with other posts.

Split-Test Advertising​

Split-Test Advertising

We will create multiple versions of each ad to find out what works the best by exchanging headlines, descriptions and images.

Advanced Targeting​

Advanced Targeting

You will have the option to import your email list into Facebook and target your contacts as well as looking for ‘look-a-likes’.

Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Work (and How to Make Them Profitable) [6 minutes]

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

To reach the same number of people as TV the costs are 1%

It is possible to target by gender, age, location, interests, status, etc

You can target your email list or people who have visited your website

Use News Feed ads which don’t look like regular ads more like a post

If users can see their friends’ “Likes” they will ”Like” it as well

Cardiff Facebook Advertising Agency

Our full-service Cardiff Facebook Advertising Agency can support you in all of your online advertising needs.

From advanced graphics to email marketing newsletters we can help you with your Social Media Marketing.

We believe that our ad agency can be a long-term partner to support your business needs.

Contact us to find out if we can be a good match for your Social Media Management.