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For every pound you invest on Google Ads you should get at least double back in return. However, not every Cardiff Google Ads agency really know what they are doing.
Many businesses try to manage the Google Ads campaigns themselves but in most cases this method ends in money lost as Google Ads is complex to manage without the experience.
We have managed hundreds of Google Ads Campaigns so we will not be wasting your money on needless trail and error tests.

Our Google Ads Management Process

We like to simplify things for our clients and let them understand what we are trying to achieve. We perform the following steps for each client to make sure that they take advantage of all the possibilities across all devices:

Keyword Research

We use the latest tools and technique, including finding out what keywords your competition is using, to discover the appropriate keywords to use in your campaigns. Choosing the wrong keywords and match types will be a very expensive mistake for your business

Creating Ad Copy

The copy in your Google Ad is the vital factor on whether your potential customer will click on the ad or not. We employ journalists and copywriters to create the compelling ads to induce clicks from your target audience. Getting a high click through rate is also important to improve your quality score and, therefore, lower your cost per click.

Display Advertising

Persuasive graphics are needed for both standard Google Ads display and remarketing campaigns. As well as getting your point across we understand that Google has very strong rules about the text that can be used in the graphics and will disapprove any ads that do not conform with the guidelines.

Landing Page Design

After finding the correct keywords and enticing someone to click (which has cost your business money) it will be a very bad thing if the page that they land on does not cause them to take position action. We will design and build the landing pages that convert for you..


Tracking is all about linking the keywords that have been searched for with the results of the visitor on your website. We need to know which keywords are working so we add tracking to your campaigns to provide comprehensive reporting and improve the results.

Budget Management

Every day we manage your campaign to add and delete keywords, add negative keywords and change the cost of the bids to ensure that your campaign is running efficiently. Not doing this on a daily basis can be a very expensive mistake.


Many businesses have lengthy sales cycles so reminding potential clients of the websites that they have visited when searching for a product or service is very useful. This is what Google Ads Remarketing is all about – keeping your brand in front of your potential customers.

Comprehensive Reporting

We will send you regular reports and have frequent meeting where we can discuss exactly what is happening with the campaign and, most importantly, the effect that it is having on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Optimized was founded in 2009. For 10 years we have been optimising pay-per-click campaigns across all business sectors.

When we hear this opinion of Google Ads, it is usually because the client has been managing the account themselves or has had a bad time with an inexperienced agency.

In fact, your campaign needs to be managed every day. You need to look out for bad keywords, changing bids, changing poorly performing ads and new opportunities on a daily basis otherwise you will be losing money

This will depend on many things but it will include  your industry, the cost per click for your target keyword and the likelihood of success. 

A minimum of £10 a day is required to make it worthwhile but a common return on investment is 100% and we find that our clients increase their investment over time as they see good results.

Not at all. We have calculations that show if Google Ads are likely to work for your business.

If we don’t think that it will work then we will tell you straight away

We price based on the complexity of your requirements.

Our cost is a known cost, depending on the campaigns running.

What types of Google Advertising are Available?

There are basically 4 broad types of advertising that Google supports:

Google Search

Google Paid Search

Paid search is the term used for advertising within the search results listings.These Ads appear at the top of a SERP and at the bottom.Google Search Paid Ads are differentiated from Organic results by a small green ‘Ad’ label on them.

Google Display Network​

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network allows you to advertise in a variety of formats and sizes with text ads, static and animated image ads, rich media and video ads. The ads are displayed on websites that have signed up to the Adsence programme.

Adwords Management Cardiff

Google Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to deposit a cookie on the computers or mobile devices f visitors who visit your website pages. Google will then display ads specifically to those people whenever they visit sites on the Google Display Network.

YouTube Advertising​

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the most popular video platform in the world and can be used by advertisers in a number of ways to advertise their products and services while potential clients are watching videos on YouTube.

The Best New Google Ads Tricks (4 minutes)

How much do Google Ads Cost in Cardiff

The cost for Google ads in Cardiff is a very common question that we receive.

The basic answer to the Google ads cost is that it depends on the competition in your industry. If none of your competitors within your target area are using Google Ads to promote their business then the cost of your Google Ads will be much lower than if there are many advertisers targeting your keywords.

The google ads pricing of each keyword will be different. Sometimes it will not make economic sense for you to bid for a key word as the cost of customer aquistion is too high.

Another very important factor in the cost of t he keywords is the Quality Score of each keyword. The Quality Score will change the cost of the keyword that you are bidding on. The algorithm for Quality Score is complicated, but basically the keywords that you are targetting must also be reflected in text of your adverts and the website landing page that your potential client s will be directed to.

Cardiff Google Ads Agency

We have been working with Google for nearly 20 years so you can trust our experience if you are looking for a Cardiff Google Ads Agency that will give you a good return on your investment.

For a complete Google Ads Managment Guide click here

Optimized Marketing are a Pay Per Click Advertising Experts that will provide you with top level service and support for Cardiff Google Ads Management

If you require any Google Ads help in Cardiff, then please contact our Google ads support team who will conduct a free, impartial review of your Google Ads Campain in Cardiff.