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How much do Google Ads cost?

Many businesses think the Google Ads are too expensive but this could not be further from the truth if the budget is invested wisely.
The Google Search Network is the most effective form of online advertising and connects supply and demand in real time.
The average cost-per-click (CPC) in Google Ads in Cardiff is between £1 and £2 based on the keyword. However, costs can change daily depending on the amount of competition for a particular keyword.
For every £ invested you should be getting at least double the investment back in return

What are the Campaign Management Fees?

When running a Google Ads campaign in Cardiff and are using a professional digital agency to manage your campaigns, expect to pay an account management fee plus your budget for ad spend, run on a monthly basis. (Agency fee + Google ad spend = total monthly spend).

The monthly management fee will be a percentage of your monthly spend or a fixed amount depending on the monthly spend and complexity of the campaigns that you want the Google Ads agency to manage.

Your Google Ads campaigns will need to be monitored on a daily basis and adjusted for keywords, bids and ad text,to optimize the account to its maximum efficiency.

The Google Ads Campaign Factors

We will set up your Google Ads campaign based on the following factors:

Cardiff Google Ads Search Marketing Agency

Google has done a good job at making Google Ads easy to use and many of our Google Ads clients have previously tried to manage their campaigns on their own.  Unfortunately, these businesses have found out to their own cost that there is a lot of learning required to understand the campaign setup to deliver the lead generation that they require.

So, if you are new to Google Ads or have had a problem getting results it is better to use a professional Cardiff Google Ads search marketing agency and you will discover that the management fees are more than recouped in terms of return on investment.

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