Google Local Search

Over the last few years, Google has redesigned the first page of the search results.  Now below the Paid Ads you will find a map and local listings before the organic results.

How is Local SEO different from Regular Website SEO?

Everybody is familiar on how regular SEO works. Google searches websites for the search terms that you have entered and displays the websites that best satisfies the search term.

With local SEO,  rather the exclusively focusing on websites, Google also takes into account the Google My Business profile pages.

So you need to optimize your Google My Business profile page with the correct key phrases to compete in local SEO against your competition.

Does Google Always Display Business Results?

Google, unfortunately, does not always show the local SEO pages in the search results. So, if you search for a particular key phrase and the map or the local listings do not appear then local SEO will not be appropriate approach for your business.

Instead you will have to use regular SEO

What Types of Businesses Are Suitable For Local SEO?

Local SEO is suitable for emergency services like doctors, dentists, plumbers, locksmiths, etc.

It is also suitable for all types of retailers, cafes, restaurants and bars.

It is not so relevant for professional services where people book appointments or e-commerce businesses.

Is It Possible to Compete Outside Your Physical Location?

Google knows exactly where the person searching is located.

So, ranking in Local SEO outside of your physical store or office will only work if there is not much competition for your products or services in the local area or if the competing businesses in your local area are not doing Local SEO properly.

Generally speaking, if you want to complete outside of your local area then you will have to build pages on your website for your target locations.

Importance of Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP)

We have covered this point in another article but it is worth reiterating that your Name, Address and Phone Number must be exactly the same in your website as in Google My Business.

In fact, your Name, Address and Phone Number must be the same on all citations such as business directory, social media and forums.

Cardiff Google Local SEO

Cardiff Google Local SEO is much more important to some businesses and others.

If you think that you can benefit from Google Local Search but are unclear how to achieve this then please get in contact for a free consultation.

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