On Page SEO Services To Increase SEO Rankings

What is an On-Page SEO Service?

The reason for employing a Cardiff On-Page SEO Service is to help Google recognise your website for the products and services that you sell.
 The first step of this service is to identify the keywords that your potential customers will be using when looking to solve a problem that they have.
Then each page must be set up correctly for its tite, meta description, headers images and many other items to get high rankings on Google.

Why do you need an On-Page SEO Service?

Using a website SEO service to optimize your website will result in achieving good SEO ranking in a much faster time than you learning SEO in a trial and error basis.
This will result in increased profits as you will get to the top of the search engine rankings in a shorter period.

On-Page Optimization Workflow

These are the rules that are essential to follow for each page to get good SEO results:

keywords research

Keyword Research

The first task is to identify the keyword that people are using most frequently to search for your product or service. Look at which keywords your competition is using and try to find a for a balance of popular keywords with less competition.


Page URL Address

The URL should describe what the page is about. This will help the user choose to click on the the page. The URL should be short, contain the super keyword, words separated by dashes (-) and avoiding words without potential or search.

Page Title

Page Title

The page title appears at the top of the web browser and as the headline in the search results so it is super important. The page title will contain the super keyword, be 50 – 60 characters long, be unique and reflect the content of the page.

Page Heading

Page Headings

The page heading and heading sub-titles are used to emphasise the content in the paragraphs below the haeding and an assist to user reading. Web crawlers pay a lot of attention to the words used in headings and the H1 tag should be a synonym to the page title.

Meta description

Meta Description

The Meta description is a summary of the page and appears below the page title in the search results. The Meta Description is vital when helping people to decide whether to click on your site. It should be between 150-160 characters in length and include the super keyword.

Page content

Page Content

The user will spend 2-3 seconds to decide whether to continue with the page so the first paragraph is vital. The page should contain at least 300 words, be well structured, contain the super keyword 2-3 times, use at least one image and link to another page.

Quality images

Quality Images

All pages should have at least image as they are important in search ranking. The images have an opportunity to show up in Google image search, but they contribute to regular SEO as well. The filename, alt text and title should match the super keyword.

Link Building

Internal Links

Links are vital for SEO. The page should link to excellent resources that you wish to rank higher to enhance the topic. The links should be highlighted and should not be the super keyword in the page. And use keywords with search potential as the anchor text

Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization

The speed of your website is a strong ranking factor and slow websites will increase your bounce rate. To increase site speed - optimize your images, use fast servers, choose a lightweight theme, enable caching and minimize the number of plugins used.

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Cardiff On-Page SEO Service

Our Cardiff On Page SEO Services team are up to date with Google best practices with over 10 years’ experience in taking websites to the top of the search engines.
As a Cardiff SEO Agency we understand that your website needs ongoing SEO services to maintain and increase search engine rankings and offer link building, blogging and social media services.

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