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We are a Cardiff PPC Agency.
We create, manage, and optimize profitable pay-per-click campaigns for our clients in Adwords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other online advertising platforms.

Continual Improvements

PPC Management

Keyword Managment

  • Manual bid optimizations – Don’t let Google control your bids we want you not Google to make more money
  • Keyword match type selections – Using Broad matching is like signing a blank cheque
  • Keyword refinement/expansion – Every day you will need to add new and negative keywords to avoid wasted expenditure

Campaign Management

  • Quality score improvements – A good quality score will lower your cost per click
  • Competitor watching – We use the latest tools to spy on what keywords your competitors are using
  • Ad extensions – Use Ad extensions at all times to increase the effectiveness of your Ads
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Display Ads Marketing

  • A/B ad/image split testing – You will need to test several ads and designs to see which brings you the best results
  • Retargeting campaigns – Continually testing and changing your retargeting graphics so that you potential clients don’t get bored and ignore your ads
  • Display campaign targeting - Google Search and Display are different animals. You need to know when to use Display for branding purposes

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Please check with any PPC Agencies that they provide the following service levels before employing them:

No long-term contacts

We trust ourselves to deliver every month

Ownership Rights

If you choose to leave us you still will own your campaign

Account Access

All we ask is that you do not change anything without discussing it with us first

Transparent Pricing

We have both fixed price and percentage spend options available

Custom Reporting

We create weekly reports but you can request a report whenever you wish.

Advanced Tools

We use a large suite of tools to do one thing: maximize your profits.

Landing Page Design

A Cardiff PPC agency will create better results if they are also management the landing Pages that the click re-directs to.
We will design and test different landing pages that are linked to your advertising campaigns so that we can determine the best preforming landing pages.
This landing page optimization will help you increase your conversion rates, increase your conversion volume, lower your cost per conversion and reduce your cost per click by improving your quality score in Google Ads

Cardiff PPC Agency

We take the time to learn about your business, enabling us to develop strategies that will align with your Pay Per Click campaign objectives.
We’re a Cardiff PPC Agency management company that does things differently.

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