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What Is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network allows Google to display their ads on external third-party websites by giving publishers a cut of the average cost per click while Google vastly increased their user reach.

The Benefits of the Google Display Network

Larger Audience Reach

When using Google Search your adds only display when a user is looking for a certain keyword but on the display network, then your ads can be shown to users who are just using the Internet.

Cheaper Cost Per Click

The cost per click is almost always less on the Google Display Network where you can still target users who are interested in your product or service without having to pay higher fees for the clicks.

Visual Ads

The Google Display Network allows you to use visual ads which can be animated to make them even more attractive The visual ads can greatly increase click-through rates when compared to text ads.

Remarketing Ads

Google Ads remarketing enable websites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site. Remarketing Ads are very cheap and can bring back lost leads and turn them into customers

The Disadvantages of the Google Display Network

Ad Display​

No Control Of Ad Display

Although Google try to display your Ads on sites that meet your criteria you are not really in complete control where the ads are displayed and your ads can appear on in-appropriate website .

Tune Your Audience​

Cannot Fine Tune Your Audience

On the Google Display Network it is much harder to target specific users. You Ads will be shown to people both looking to buy as well people looking up information on a product or service.

Click Fraud​

Click Fraud

Click fraud is when someone is maliciously clicking on your Ads. This could be the webmaster where your ad is displayed (to get more commission), click farms or bots one of your competitors to drive up your costs.

Click Fraud Solution

PPC Protect is a great tool that protects your ads from fraud before it happens. Using its algorithm and large database of blacklisted IP addresses, PPC Protect  hides your ads from suspected fraudsters. PPC Protect Will help you get more from your PPC budget.

Cardiff PPC Management

Speak with us to see if the Google Display Network is the correct solution for your business. Our Cardiff PPC Management will achieve maximum visibility and exposure, top placements and the best CTR via PPC.

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