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The seriousness of a penalty can really effect your Cardiff SEO.

How to Find Out If You Have a Penalty

You can check to see if your website has received a manual penalty by visiting Google Search Console and selecting Search Traffic. Manual Actions. 

This article shows how to avoid penalties in the first place.

Gain relevant links and get rid of harmful ones.

Gaining relevant links is another term for quality link building. The more natural and organic the links, the better.

When a website with dubious content links to your site, Google starts looking at you suspiciously – so you should regularly check on your links through Google Search Console to ensure that no ‘spammy’ websites are linking to you.

There is a disavow tool in the Search Console, which you can use to tell Google which links to ignore.

Show that you are a trusted business.

One of the most important things to Google is ensuring the businesses listed in their search results are legitimate businesses related to the search queries from their users.

You should also ensure that you share your physical address across your site. You can reinstate this with a solid social media presence and consistent citations with the same NAP (name, address, phone number). Combined, this will be viewed positively by Google and show that your website can be trusted.

Don’t hide keyword text or overuse/spam keywords.

Abusing keywords in an article is also known as keyword stuffing and has been very much against Google’s policy for over 10 years now. Using the same keyword repeatedly in your webpage content or in the technical elements (such as meta keywords) is one of the most commonly known black-hat SEO techniques and doing it can negatively affect your website’s SEO.

Keep the keyword density of your pages to no more than 2-3% to avoid stuffing and a potential penalty hit from Google.

Avoid duplicate content.

Avoid using duplicated content at all costs – this is something which Google does not take lightly. The search engine will simply not index pages that contain duplicate content, as it confuses searchers.

This includes not only posting duplicate content on your own site but submitting guest blogs or other content to other sites that are already on your own site.

Don’t abuse your anchor text.

Anchor text is a word or phrase that is hyperlinked to a different webpage (either internal or external). Relevant anchor text that is linked to your website from a high-quality website can result in the target page ranking high in Google for that keyword phrase. This can be very good for Cardiff SEO . However, overusing anchor text can also result in a penalty.

Generic or branded anchor text should be used most of the time in order to avoid triggering Google penalties. The key is to keep the anchor text natural.

Cardiff SEO

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