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Why do you need a Website Audit ?

Many websites are riddled with hundreds of errors than can have a negative impact on the search engine rankings.
We will make a comprehensive website and SEO analysis to create a complete SEO audit. The audit will include your  social media and incoming links and provide a plan on how to fix the situtation and get more sales from your website.

Our SEO site audit includes the following

SEO Content Audit

Our SEO Content Audit will cover external links, anchor text, image optimization, headings – meta description, title tags and the URL Structure to determine what is causing poor rankings and low traffic to your website.

SEO Technical Audit

The SEO Technical Audit will cover items such as broken links, robot.txt files, sitemaps, internal broken links, file sizes check code and files for best practices for faster load time. Analytics/Webmaster Tools – make sure both are implemented

SEO Link Audit

The websites that link to your website have a big impact on your authority and trust within the search engines. Our SEO Offsite Audit will investigate quantity and quality and ensure the Anchor Text ensure ratios are good.

Competitive Audit

Do you know how well your website rates against your competition? We will perform a detailed analysis on your competitor’s websitess, find their strong and week points and inform you how to adapt your website to get a competive edge

Mobile Website Audit

In the Mobile Website Audit we will check mobile friendliness on different devices and browsers. We will check the site speed on mobil devices, the design and user experience, the written content and the reporting and tracking.

Structured Data Audit

With the increase of rich snippets results in the search engines having the correct Schema markup on your website is an important way to improve your organic rankings. We will analyze your site and offer offer recommendations on improvements.

Online Directory Audit

We analyze the sites that your business is already listed on and create an error report. We will also suggest other, high domain authority online business listings that we feel that you can benefit from having your business listed upon.

Social Media Audit

We will create an Effectiveness Report for your current active social networks – are they complete, how does your social media presence compare to your competitors, what sites is your target market on, what are your mentions and visibility?

How to do an SEO Audit [9 minutes]

Cardff SEO Website Audit Service

After a free seo analysis, we will determine the scope of the Cardiff website audit service that you require and we will manually analyse your website to determine where your website can be improved and suggeste SEO strategies that can be used to improve your sales online.

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