What is the Best Website Hosting Service?

What options do you have for your website hosting ?

You need fast, reliable servers with SSL running on the latest software versions to host your website.  We recommend SiteGround for your website hosting. Their servers are based in Belgium while their fantastic technical support team are located in Bulgaria (where you will find the best IT professional personnel in the world).
You have two options when it comes to website hosting:

What characteristics to you need in a Website Hosting Service ?

Server Reliability

This is by far the most important thing. Your server must be available practically 100% of the time and this includes network servers as well as website servers. But this point is unlikely to be the deciding factor as ost hosting companies have very reliable servers these days.

Website Speed

The server that your website must load within 3 seconds before your visitor will start to lose interest. Many low-cost shared server options have too many websites running on them and the performance is not acceptable and not a cost-effective option.

Options to Upgrade Server

As your business grows you do not want to be in a position where you have to move to a new hosting company if your current provider cannot support your requirements. Ensure that your hosting company has upgrade options – all the way to your own dedicated server.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Even if your website is not running eCommerce, having SSL (https) is vital today because SSL Protects Data using encryption, it confirms of ownership of domain, gives better search engine ranking, Satisfies PCI Requirements and improves customer trust

Regular Backups

Disasters do happen so you need regular backups to restore your data from. The frequency of the backup will be determined by the frequency that your website will be updated. So eCommerce sites will require a complete different backup strategy to information sites.

Customer Support

A website hosting company should have Live Chat for quick questions (with a short wait time), telephone support when you have something in detail to discuss and a ticketing support system for more complex issues that will take a bit of time to resolve.

Cardiff Website Hosting Service

If you are looking for a Cardiff Website Hosting Service be careful to consider all the options before selecting a home for your online home