If Google changes a SEO algorithm and you fall off the top page or a competitor starts investing heavily on Google Ads your website visitors could make a dramatic fall. You may need the help from a Digital Marketing Agency Cardiff  to help youcreate the appropriate strategy.  These are the options that you should consider:

1. Search Engine Optimization

The first tactic is SEO, or search engine optimization. The beauty of SEO is the fact that you can get your business in front of prospects that are literally searching for your product or service. SEO is the mian type of digital marketing Cardiff.

2. Digital Advertising

With ad networks like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, there is no minimum investment to get started. You can get started with as little as a few pounds per day.You can pay per-click, which means you’re only going to pay when a prospect takes action on your adWith YouTube video advertising, any business can now get a 30+ second commercial in front of their target audience for pennies per view.When you set up proper tracking, then you can see your return on investment and determine where to allocate your marketing dollars to maximize your profits.Ad networks can now automatically find and target audiences online that have similar demographics and online user behavior as your customers.Digital advertising is one of the most popular services in online marketing agency cardiff.

3. Referral Marketing

Look for other types of businesses that provide products and services to your customers. Then reach out to see if they are open to a referral partnership. Some will flat out ignore you. A digital agency Cardiff can help you with your referral marketing efforts.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be an effective tactic to reach your target audience and drive them to your website to make a purchase. But do not get distracted on a mission to increase vanity numbers like Likes and Followers as leads and sales are what really matter. Social Media Marketing is the fastest growing area of Cardiff digital marketing.

5. Online Publicity

To get publicity you’ll need to create (or do) something worthy of press. If you haven’t already, then get started blogging on your website. This will get you into the rhythm of creating press worthy content that you can then leverage to secure a column in an industry news site or online magazine. If you do not have the time to blog then enlist the help of a web marketing agency cardiff.

6. Offline-to-Online Integration

The final tactic I’ll mention here is to use offline-to-online integration. If you’re already using direct mail, print ads, radio, TV, and/or telemarketing, or getting offline publicity, then find ways to integrate those offline campaigns with your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency Cardiff

There are many online marketing agencies cardiff but you need to select one with the full array of services. If you need help to create the correct strategy on-line contact a Digital Marketing Agency Cardiff.