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eCommerce Website Design
Good eCommerce web design is crucial for turning website visitors into customers by generating sales.
We make online shopping easy for your customers

eCommerce Website Design That Turns Visitors Into Customers

A successful eCommerce website design in Cardiff will be focused on clean design with simple and fast shopping.

However, as on-line buyers become more discerning an eCommerce website is not just about giving you the functionality to sell your products on-line.

It is to give your customers a good experience whether investigating your products all the way through to actually buying them.

Selling Online Needs to be a Flawless Process

Any single problem in the purchasing experience can led to a loss of sales whether be it slow speeds, an unclear process or a technical flaw.

We use WordPress WooCommerce to power our on-line shops because of it great flexibility coupled with the excellent WordPress SEO performance so that we can attract visitors to your website to make the purchases.

Our servers are PCI compliant to ensure that your customers data is secure.

WooCommerce Provides the Following Functionality

Many Payment Gateways

WooCommerce offers a large selection of payment gateways.

Product Variations

You have control over prices, stock, image and more for each variation

Variable Sales Taxes

It is possible to setup simple or complex tax rules

Product Inventory

Stock Manager allows you manage stock for products and their variables

Pricing Models

Create a fixed rate dynamically for your products based on the rules you define.

Shipping and Tracking

Easily track their orders with tracking number and shipping company.

Continual Website Improvement Ideas

There are many functions that we can add to improve the customer experience and sales. These include:
  • Enhanced search refinement
  • Reorder functionality
  • Subscription models
  • Tracking number automation
  • Checkout customization
  • Retail store/dealer locator
  • Upsell and product bundles
  • Combined discounts and free gifts
  • Virtual product display
  • Request for quote tools
  • Custom reporting
  • Product page improvements

Tips for a High-quality eCommerce Website

We have already stated that your eCommerce website must have a clean design with a simple checkout process.
Here are some additional tips to help you make more sales:

eCommerce website design in Cardiff

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