It is important that know how to operate your Facebook ads management Cardiff.

Target the Ad

Some things to know about the Facebook user:
  • Facebook users aren’t on Facebook looking to make a purchase
  • People using Facebook aren’t necessarily ready to spend money
  • Since Facebook is socially oriented, people on it have a certain degree of emotional responsiveness
  • Facebook users have become ad blind, so only the most attractive ads stand out to them
Targeting the ad to the right people will increase the likelihood they will convert. Prospects may not be looking to make a purchase at that minute, but if they were researching an item in the past then they are much closer to converting. Plus, even if they may not be ready to buy, an enticing ad can change that. They are seeking an emotional spark (since they are on Facebook), so if the ad is attractive and reactive, they will be more likely to act.

Create Simple and Attractive Images for Your Ads

People will see the image before they look at anything else.What type of image is attractive?Simple images with vibrant colors. Of course, if you are promoting a product, you can simply create an ad with a picture of it. If you can target it to people who have already searched for that product, it will convert well.If you are promoting a business as a whole, you need an image that relates to not only what you sell, but to the individual consumer.

Use an Enticing Value Proposition

Create ad copy with a value proposition so enticing that the person cannot say no. The word “Free” or words “Limited Time” work, but if you can’t use those, try to come up with something that gives your prospect a reason to want to learn more.Consumers react to ads because of one or more of these reasons:
  • They feel as though if they wait they will miss the promotion.
  • The advertised product is unique and interesting.
  • It’s a product, service, or result they never thought they could have, and the ad makes it seems like it’s easy to obtain.

Use a Quick and Engaging Call-to-Action

A person will make the decision to click on an ad if it sparks an immediate reaction. This immediate reaction comes from the call-to-action (CTA).You do this by hitting their impulse button and telling them what to do next.
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Facebook ads management Cardiff

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