Are You Worried That You Are Over Spending on Google Ads?

Google Ads Search Advertising is the largest expense for most businesses that advertise online, yet many are uncertain they’re spending efficiently.

Google Ads have evolved dramatically over the past several years, developing more features that enable advertisers to make their ad targeting more precise and their keyword bids more efficient.

This is great news in concept, but are you up to date with the changes and making the most of them? The biggest three problems are:

  • Conversion Tracking – very few accounts are tracking conversions
  • Ad Spend Efficiency – bidding on keywords or search terms that don’t produce conversions.
  • Continuity between keywords, Ads and landing page – causing low Quality Scores

If you are concerned that you are not getting the best from your Google Ads, then contact us today and we will audit your account, report your problems and suggest improvements

13 Questions To Ask The Person Managing Your Google Ads Account

  1. Are you using negative keywords to refine results?
  2. Are you using Ad Groups to group together keywords by landing page?
  3. Are you targeting long-tail keywords to generate more qualified traffic?
  4. Are you only using Google Ads to research terms as other tools can provide other PPC keyword targeting strategies?
  5. Are you testing your ad positions in the search results (more important now that Google has eliminated ‘Average Position column)?
  6. Are you monitoring and tweaking your Google Ads account on a daily basis to improve performance?
  7. Are you watching your competition to see market changes and take action before they affect your results?
  8. Are you targeting specific devices or bidding differentially based on Device?
  9. Are you checking your Quality Scores, as they are affecting the cost of your clicks?
  10. Are you using Remarketing to remind website visitors about your brand?
  11. Are you using the wrong keyword match types (never use ‘broad’)?
  12. Is your geographical targeting set up correctly?
  13. Do you have landing pages for each of your product types or services?

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