Google Ads Agency Cardiff

Whether you are setting up a new display campaign or trying to improve your existing, there are many things in the Display Network that can make or break the success of your campaigns. If you need help then contact a top Google Ads Agency Cardiff.

Placements don’t have to be  websites

As well as showing ads on websites, but ads can also appear on YouTube channels, YouTube videos, relevant apps, and app categories.

Just as exact match isn’t truly exact, your managed placements might not be as exact as you want them to be either. If the website you choose as a related app, your ads can also show up on that app even if you do not select it as a placement. Even if you are choosing specific placements, monitor your placement reports often to really make sure your ads are showing up on the websites you want them to be. These placements are a vital part of Adwords Management Cardiff

Keyword targeting can work in a couple ways

The Audience setting will show your ads to users are have an active interest in your selected keywords. If you have this option selected, it’s important to know Google started changing the Audience setting to have users create custom intent audiences instead.

The Content setting uses contextual targeting to put your ads in front of the selected users. Contextual targeting means Google will take your list of keywords and try to find relevant websites or apps as placements. To find the chosen placements, Google looks at the website text, language, link structure, and page structure to make the decision.

Google can help if you’re looking for audiences

When editing your audiences in an ad group, select the Ideas tab to get a list of auto-created custom intent audiences. Google can create custom intent audiences based on your remarketing lists, your Search campaigns, your user behavior, and more. Before adding any of the auto-created audiences to your ad groups, you can get a preview of some of the keywords Google has compiled together to get an understanding of if these audiences are a fit for your campaign or not.

Google Ads Agency Cardiff

There are many settings on the Display Network that can make or break an ads performance. If you need help then contact a top Google Ads Agency Cardiff. Google Ads agency is exactly the same thing as Adwords Agency Cardiff

Google Adwords Renamed

Note that Google Ads is the new name for  Google Adwords Cardiff