Google Ads Agency in Cardiff

Google AdWords is one of the best ways to launch a new website or generate traffic to an older website that has struggled to gain traction with the search engines. However, it is very easy to waste your investment so it is best to hire a Google Ads Agency in Cardiff. Previosly known as Adwords Agency Cardiff.

The Search Network

Google Ads Search network are the ads on Plus, if you target the Search Partners, then you’ll also show your ads on,, Amazon, and other partners of Google.Every day your prospects are searching for your product or service and the Search network gives you the opportunity to show your offer at exactly the right time and place.

The Display Network

By default, Google will opt your ads into both the Search and Display networks. So unless you took the time to change that particular setting, your ads are on the Display network. This can come as a nasty surprise when all along you thought your budget was all spent on!

Some key differences.

For one, your ads are not showing on Your ads are going to be displayed across more than a million blogs, news sites, articles, videos, etc. Basically, the Display network allows you to target your ads on any websites that displays Google Ads. is an example of a very large site that you could target.The second key difference with the Search network is that on the Display network you’re targeting prospects who are not necessarily searching for your product or service. That’s why display advertising is sometimes called “interruption marketing,” because you’re interrupting your prospect as she’s surfing around online. For that reason, you typically need to use different ads and different landing pages for the Display network.The third key difference is that you have the option to use banner ads in addition to the traditional Google Ads text ad. Banner ads give you more room for compelling copy, design, and even animation to capture more attention.

The Shopping Network

If you’re running an e-commerce business, then you should take a look at Google’s Shopping network. Do a search in Google for “barefoot running shoes” and you’ll see the shopping results.Think of the Shopping network like a catalog. You know your prospect is picking up the catalog to buy. It’s just a matter of which store.The same is true for many searches that trigger the Shopping results. So use your product image, name, and price wisely. That’s all you get to use for your ads. There’s no headline or ad description like the traditional Google Ads text ad.

The Video Network

If you’ve ever clicked a YouTube video and saw a pre-roll video ad. TrueView ads are pre-roll videos similar to commercials.But here’s the key difference from commercials: you only pay for actual views of your ad! Every ad has a “Skip” button and if the viewer clicks skip, then you (the advertiser) do not pay a penny.Well, it gets even better. If your prospect watches a TV commercial, then she has to either pick up the phone to call, or load up a browser to go visit your website.  With TrueView ads, your prospect can literally click on the video to go visit your website to learn more, make a purchase, complete a form, or get contact information.By employing a Google Ads Agency in Cardiff you will cetainly save money on wasted adverts and generate more income by taking the correct approach

Google Adwords Renamed

Note that Google Ads is the new name  for Google Adwords Cardiff but the same rules apply for Adwords Management Cardiff