It is very difficult to write a good Google Ads headline in only 30 characters. Here we suggest some Google Adwords headline ideas that will entice your potential clients click on your Google Ads in Cardiff.

Google Ads in Cardiff

Use a Question

Asking someone a question sparks their attention, especially when it’s about something they searched for on Google. Most searchers feel understood and satisfied when you prompt them with a question similar to what they are indeed looking for.

  • where – asking in or at what place or position
  • which – asking about choice
  • how – asking about manner
  • how far – distance
  • how long – length (time or space)
  • how many -quantity (countable)
  • how much – quantity (uncountable)

Use Numbers

In the first part of this headline, you put a number. It should be a surprising one that will excite most people. The second part of the headline should be what your product or service delivers. For example, if you sell a product that helps people lose weight, your headline may be “100 Ways to Lose Weight.”

Use Location

Example: “__________ in __________” or “_________ _________”

This one simply includes what you are and where you are located. For example, Dentist in Cardiff or Cardiff Dentist.

Use Comparison

Example: “How Our _________ Compares”

Compare your product or service.

Use Buzzwords

Example: “Get __________ w/ Free Shipping”

If you sell products use something like free shipping or same day delivery.

Use Offer

Example: “Save 20% On Our ________”

Everyone likes  a bargain. Increase the pressure to buy by making the offer time limited.

Combine to Achieve Better Results

You can combine 2 or more ideas to give a more impressive headline. For instance, you could combine the question ad headline with the buzzword one by using, “Want Free Shipping on ______?” This includes three of the headline ideas – the question, buzzwords, the offer.

Google Ads in Cardiff

If you need more help with the management of your Google Ads in Cardiff please contact a specialist in Google Ads management Paid Marketing Campaigns