Guidelines For Creating Google Ads Campaigns That Work

Using Google Ads without really knowning what you are doing can cost your business a lot of money in ineffective campaign costs and lost business opportunities. So sometines it is worth considering investing in Google Ads Management Cardiff (formally known as Adwords Management Cardiff )

Choose the right keywords

Getting the compromise right between not enough clicks and lots of traffic from tire kickers is not easy.

Use the the free Keyword Planner tool found in Google Ads to generate your first set of keywords.

Make sure that you are not overspending on clicks

When launching campaigns start with high bids because you’ll put your ads in a position to get more clicks, which leads to high-quality scores and ultimately, cheaper clicks but be careful not to bid too high as you will not get enough clicks to achieve a return on investment. .

Keeping up with your competitors

Study your competitor’s adverts, keyword terms to gain invaluable information that you can use to improve your campaigns and give you a competitive advantage.

Define what makes your business special

In your ad copy summarize that uniqueness of your company in a very limited space. Focus your ad on whatever it is your business does better than everyone else, and build from there.

Saying everything in limited characters

Your ads must be compelling enough to grab attention and drive conversions in the very limited space available.

Ensure that your landing page emphasis what the advert says

Your Google Ads quality scores will go down if your landing pages do not reflect the keywords used in the search resulting in less traffic and more expensive clicks

Before creating your ad copy, first make sure that whatever you plan on writing is well represented on your landing page.

Your website must work on mobile devices

If it does not potential clients will bounce because the page will not function properly on their mobile and your quality scores will suffer, which leads to higher costs and lower ad positions

Set up conversion tracking

Without conversion tracking, you won’t ever know which ads are driving the most leads and sales. Also set up phone call conversion tracking if it is important to your business.

Learning and using extensions

Extensions are additional bits of information that can make your ads much more enticing to Google users — especially those who are searching for local goods and services. Ad extensions include call buttons, additional links, your company address and more.

Optimize your campaigns

Optimizing your campaigns is an ongoing effort where it is always necessary to split-testing ad copy, adjusting bids, check keywords, adding negative keywords etc. This is often too much for a business to handle themselves and it is better to employ Google Ads Management Cardiff.

Google ads Management Cardiff

If you are running your own campaigns and don’t think that they are working or feel that you do not have the time or experience to run your own campaigns please contact us as a top Adwords Agency Cardiff.

Google Adwords Renamed

Note that Google Ads is the new name for Google Adwords Cardiff