Google Ads Management Service Cardiff

It is especially important to use Google Ads if your potential customers are not going to find your products or services using the organic search.

This could be because your website is new or has not been properly optimized for the search engines such as Google

What Does a Google Ads Management Service Involve?

AdWords Keyword Research

Determining the best keywords to bid on is the starting point of a successful campaign. We will make extensive keyword research using the most up to date tools to help us find which keywords are the best for your business.

Competitor Campaign Analysis

Analysing how your competitors use Google Ads will help us to create the best campaign for you. We will investigate their bids, ad copy, landing pages and investment.

AdWord Copy Creation

There is little point in your ads being displayed if no-one clicks on then. In fact, it will have an adverse effect as it will negatively affect your Quality Score. We will create multiple ad variations with compelling text to entice your potential customers to click on your Google Ads and visit your website.

Landing Page Design

Your Landing Page must closely match the keywords that you are targeting, if not, this will again adversely affect your Google Ads Quality Score. We will design and build high quality, focused landing pages that will convert your website visitors into customers.

Daily Monitoring

You are asking for trouble if you do not analysis your Google Ads performance on a daily basis.

  • We will add negative keywords to make sure that you are not wasting your budget on the keywords that you are not targeting,
  • We will check the performance of each Ad to see if it is been clicked on the anticipated number of times
  • We will manually adjust your bids to make sure that your keywords are appearing in the top 3 places of the paid search results

Paid Search Reporting

It is vital that you understand how your Ads are performing. Each month, or more frequently if you desire,  we will provide you with a detailed report and have meeting, either in person or online to discuss the performance of Google Ads and agree a plan for the next month.

Combination of Google Ads and SEO

For new businesses, we recommend a combination of Google Ads and SEO. This will bring your website immediate visitors from Google Ads while we build up the content on your website to rank in the organic search.

Google Ads Management Service Cardiff

Maybe you have been managing your Google Ads yourselves or have been using an inexperienced  agency that is not getting you results.

You need a Google Ads Management Service Cardiff that offers you complete transparency and work so that you make a profit on your investment.

If you need any help with your Google Ads Management in south Wales you may want to consider hiring a full service agency to help you dominate the first page of Google in Cardiff.