Find out why businesses make basic mistakes when using Google Ads for the first time rathet than using a reputable Google Ads Marketing Service in Cardiff

Google Ads Marketing Service in Cardiff

Google Ads search advertising can be an excellent way to promote your business because:

  • It is highly targeted and you add only show when the person enters your keyword in the search box
  • It is low risk as you only pay when a person clicks on your advertisement


So why do many businesses lose their pants when using Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords)?

It is so easy to start a campaign

Whatever your skill levels online it is very easy to use Google Ads and make some very big mistakes. For example, using the default settings to create a campaign that uses Search and Display adverting in the same campaign. It is only at the end of the month that you have realized that you have invested a lot of money for no return.

Directing the advert to the home page on the website

For each of the Ad groups in your campaign you need to have a specific landing page where your website visitor will land when he clicks on the advert. Your potential client will want to find specific information on the product or service that they are looking for not general information on your business.

No Conversion Tracking is set up for your ads

Conversion tracking is a tool in Google Ads that shows you how your ad campaign is generating leads, selling products, making downloads or enticing email sign-ups.

You can identify which parts of your campaign are working and which are not so that you can take action and modify your bids, keywords and advertising text effectively

To set up conversion tracking you must add some HTML that Google Ads provides to you in the order confirmation or thank you page after your visitor has made a purchase, filled out a contact form or made a download.

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Google Ads Marketing Service in Cardiff

Using a Google Ads Marketing Service in Cardiff rather than going it alone can make your business PCC Management money rather than the other way around.