Are you following the appropraite Google Ads Strategy in Cardiff ?

Google Ads Rules

Are you targeting keywords that signal a buying intent?

Examples are: Buy, Discount(s), Deal(s), Coupon(s), Free shipping, Branded searches , Specific products, Product categories, Affordable, Best, Cheapest. Comparison ,Top, Review.

If not then you are not targeting the buyers with the right intent.

Which Type of Matching are you using ?

The default match type is Broad. Do not use Broad unless you want to blow your budget on bad clicks.

Start with Phrase and move to Exact when you understand the best keywords for your business.

Are you adding Negative Keywords ?

Check your Search Terms every day for Keywords that you do not want to be included in your search terms and add them to the Negative Keywords list.

Are you using Ad Groups ?

Keywords are assigned to Ad Groups.

Specific products or services need different Ad Groups as they target different keywords.

Do the Ads relate to the keywords ?

Following on from the above point – your ad text must contain the principle keywords that you are targeting.

This will get your ads more clicks and increase your quality score.

Does your ad include a call to action ?

Think about how your prospective customers would think about your ad compared to the alternatives.

Add a compelling call to action in your ad.

Are you using Ad Extensions ?

You can set up: Location, Call, Sitelink, Callout, Structured Snippet, Review.

Maybe not all are relevant to your business but these are great ways to increase your click through rate.

Does your Landing Page have the same keywords as the Ad ?

Each Ad Group should have its own landing page and that landing page must contain the keywords in that Ad Group.

If there are offers in the Ads then they must be shown on the landing page.

Are your Search and Display Campaigns Separate ?

If not then you need to make them as your campaign is targeting different things

Have you set up Conversion Tracking ?

You must be able to find out which are the best performing keywords to manage your Campaigns and modify the keywords that are performing badly.

Google Ads Strategy in Cardiff

If you are uncertain if you have the correct Google Ads Strategy in Cardiff contact an experienced agency.

More information can be found in this detailed guide