Getting started on AdWords is easy, but getting results (i.e. real leads and sales) can be hard. It is important to use a specialist Google Adwords agency in Cardiff to achieve successful results.

Making sure your campaign has an audience.

A rookie mistake when starting in AdWords is to build out campaigns without fully researching your target audience.Make sure that doesn’t happen by using the free Keyword Planner tool found in AdWords. You’ll find the demand for various relevant keyword terms along with estimates for what you’ll pay per click.

Not overspending on clicks.

Google loves making money just as much as you do. When launching campaigns start with high bids because you’ll put your ads in a position to get more clicks, which leads to high quality scores and ultimately, cheaper clicks. Bid too high, though, and you might blow through your advertising budget with a negative return on your investment.

Keeping up with your competitors.

To keep an eye on what your competitors are doing using a tool like SpyFu. You’ll be able to “spy” on your competitors’ ad copy, keyword terms, and even see how long they’ve been using certain ads and keywords.

Defining what makes your business special.

Why should Google users click on your ad over all the others?To answer this question is to define what makes your business special is by summarizing that uniqueness in a very limited space using text ads. Focus your ad on whatever it is your business does better than everyone else, and build from there.

Saying everything in limited characters.

Your ads must be compelling enough to grab attention and drive conversions.
  • Convey what makes your business special.
  • Make an irresistible offer.
  • Include a call to action.

Make sure your landing page follows through.

Before changing your ad copy, first make sure that whatever you plan on writing is well represented on your landing page

Getting your website to work on mobile.

Two things will happen if you advertise to mobile devices without a mobile optimized website:Prospective customers will bounce because the page will not look or function properly on their mobile.Your quality scores will suffer, which leads to higher costs and lower ad positions

Setting up conversion tracking.

Get your conversion tracking code from AdWords and embed it within the page of your website that signifies a completed transaction. If your goal is to drive sales, then embed the code on your receipt page.If you want to drive leads, then embed the code on the page that shows after your contact form is submitted.

Learning and using extensions.

Extensions are additional bits of information that can make your ads much more enticing to Google users — especially those who are searching for local goods and services. Ad extensions include call buttons, additional links, your company address and more.

Optimizing your campaigns.

Optimizing your campaigns is an ongoing effort. From the day you launch the ads, you should always be split-testing ad copy, adjusting your bids, testing new keywords, pausing poor performing keywords, testing different targeting options, and split-testing landing pages.

Google Adwords agency in Cardiff

It is important to use an experienced Google Adwords agency in Cardiff who know best how to use Google Adwords instead of wasting your time and oney trying to do it yourself.