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Here are the top five mistakes that you need to avoid when creating your ad copy for Google Adwords Cardiff.

Keyword stuffing

It’s considered best practice to include your keywords in your ad copy..It is always difficult to work out how to completely sum up all you’re offering in a small amount of characters.Don’t give into temptation and simply stuff a bunch of keywords or short phrases into an ad and pass it off as ad copy. So use actual phrases and sentences in your ad copy but with care.

Not using ad extensions

Sitelinks, callout Extensions, and structured snippets are a must-test for all accounts. I’ll show you how to use each effectively below, but long story short: They’re additional text that we control without any type of advanced integration.


Writing the ad text for sitelinks is nearly identical to writing for regular ad copy, but it shouldn’t repeat the ad so make the messaging in your sitelinks a value add to what you typically put in your ad copy.

Callout Extensions

The creation process allows for short bursts of text that can assist in making our ad copy more narrowly focused.

Structured Snippets

Lastly, structured snippets are very similar to callout extensions, but they have a list “type” to choose from at the beginning.This can help convey what you’re trying to showcase in the ad copy without sacrificing any of your own characters.

Missing Call To Action (CTA)

Add a call to action in your ad copy to tell the user what you want them to do next. Remember, they started their query because they needed something. Each query has a different intent behind it.

Always test out new idea

We first started with Expanded Text Ads a few years ago. Now they’ve been further extended to include a potential third headline and second description.It’s important to continue testing these new ad variants as they roll out if you’re advertising on those networks.

Forgetting your customer’s goals

Pay attention to search queries and be sure you’re delivering on what they are searching for. Try to be as specific as they are but without making assumptions.

Google Adwords Cardiff

Note that Google Adwords Cardiff are now known as Google Ads Cardiff.