When To Use Google Ads Remarketing

Google Adwords Remarketing Cardiff

This page is a part of a series of articles that discuss which type of Google Ads campaign is the right one in a particular circumstance.

This article concerns using Google Remarketing.

Google Shopping Ads – Not Using Your Brand

Objective: Specific advertising for potential buyers who have previously visited your site, browsed a page of a specific category, added items to your cart, or who have already made a purchase.

Relevance to the public: High (At least they have already visited your site.)

Estimated cost per click: Low (~ £ 0.25 to £ 3.00).

ROI Expectations: High (3: 1 to 30: 1).

KPIs: ROI, orders.

Scalability: This will depend on the traffic of the site or the size of the audience that has been interested in the behavior you are addressing.

Recommended for: All businesses, especially those that are not doing any remarketing, despite directing traffic to your site.

Although getting traffic is the first step in converting visitors into customers, it is unlikely that most visitors make a purchase or provide information immediately. If a 2% customer conversion rate is good for most industry standards, that means that 98% of traffic will not become a purchase, at least on a first visit.

Remarketing is a strategy that allows you to continue reaching these visitors off-site, often at a lower cost, to bring them back to your site through different and more specific messages.

Remarketing is a powerful feature that helps you turn first-time shoppers into returning visitors and, ultimately, first-time shoppers. It can also be used to generate repeat purchases by advertising existing customers. For example, you can apply remarketing to YouTube with video ads for users who have visited your site. This gives a stronger second impression and can be very effective if it is integrated with an existing strategy.

Unlike the other types of advertising campaigns mentioned above, where your ads appear to be of minor importance, since you are targeting specific users who will recognize your brand regardless of where it appears.

However, maximizing your reorientation efforts involves considerable segmentation based on users who have recently been to your site, have explored the pages of your products or have abandoned their cars. The simple fact of addressing all users who have visited your site in the last 30 days can make you reach buyers without any intention of buying.

In the same way that there can be a wide variety of search terms to consider for unbranded search, the way you go to a user who saw a specific product and added it to your cart in the last 24 hours It will be different from that of a user who was on your homepage 40 days ago. Your expectations should vary based on it.

Ease of implementation: This type of campaign is not very difficult to configure if you know how to create negative audiences and load ads and targeting in Google Ads. However, it is convenient to dedicate resources to maintain it, since the objective of remarketing is to create a profitable mechanism that you can use to convert previous visitors into customers.

Also, if you want to use YouTube remarketing for video ads, you will need your own channel with video assets uploaded to YouTube.

Google Adwords Remarketing Cardiff

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