Do you need Google Analytics Support Cardiff Wales?

Here is a brief guide to help you understand the key components of Google Analytics. Let us know if you need Google Analytics Support Cardiff Wales

What is the difference between users and sessions?

When you look at the traffic data for your site, you will see two numbers identified as “users” and “sessions.”Users are the number of people who have come to your site.Sessions are the number of times your site has loaded for people.The numbers you see are the total number of individuals (users) that have come to your site during the specified time, and the number of sessions is how many times all of those users accessed the site.

How do you know how many repeat visitors a site receives?

Google Analytics gives you this information under “Returning Visitors.” It’s located right underneath “New Visitors.”Those returning visitors will add a session to your total number of sessions for the specified time. What you don’t know is how many times each returning visitor accessed the site.

What is the difference between bounce rate and exit rate?

One of the first behavioral metrics you can analyze with Google Analytics is bounce rate vs. exit rate.Bounce rate is defined as visiting a site and then hitting the back button to return to the referring site.Exit rate is when someone uses a site by going from one page to the another and then decides to leave the site.When people bounce from a site, it usually means they didn’t find what they were expecting. The referring site didn’t do a good job in guiding the person to your site, or your site isn’t providing what users are looking for in a quick, easy way.

How does Behavior in Google Analytics help you?

The Behavior section is great if you want to see where people go on your site, and then where they exit. You can track the number of people who go from the homepage (or any entrance page) toanother page, and then another page.

How does Google Analytics track conversions?

A conversion means a certain action that a user takes on a site. Typically, conversions refer to making a purchase, filling out a contact form, signing up for an email newsletter, or taking another action that moves them through the sales process.The way Google Analytics tracks conversions is through Goals.If you need Google Analytics Support Cardiff Wales then let us know.