When To Using Branding With Google Shopping Ads

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This page is a part of a series of articles that discuss which type of Google Ads campaign is the right one in a particular circumstance.

This article concerns using Google Shopping with branding.

Google Shopping Ads Using Brand

Objective: Capture search engines that are specifically buying your products / product categories using your brand keywords.

Relevance to the public: High. (They are looking for you.)

Estimated cost per click: Low (~ £ 0.25 to £ 3.00).

ROI Expectations: High (3: 1 to 30: 1).

KPIs: ROI, number of orders.

Scalability: This depends on the number of users looking for your brand and your brand products.

Recommended for: Companies selling physical products that have already invested in brand awareness and those that feel comfortable making adjustments to Google ads to create this type of campaign.

Google Shopping campaigns generally offer a great user experience for shoppers: a user specifically searches for a product and is shown images, prices and reviews of items that Google considers relevant. If buyers click on the ad, they go directly to the product page.

In terms of acquiring new customers as an ecommerce business, this is the first thing you should try in campaigns.

Users who are specifically looking for your brand are more likely to buy, so if you are able to schedule the brand purchase as a separate campaign, you can maximize your traffic from this source and be able to make a more effective budget. Otherwise, shopping campaigns will include brand traffic and not default brand.

Without a segmented campaign strategy, there will always be more unbranded traffic than brand traffic, and most of your budget will probably be spent on unbranded terms that are less likely to convert. Therefore, if you can (and have the traffic to take advantage of it), it is worth separating brand traffic in your own shopping campaign.

Ease of implementation: Purchasing campaigns are generally easier to organize than search campaigns. To create a product flow that works on Google, you can install the Google shopping app for Shopify or set things up manually in the Google merchant center. You will have to create individual campaigns for brand and non-brand traffic, apply negative keywords and prioritize keywords to prevent your ads from showing in certain queries so that search traffic deviates from the brand.

Google Shopping Ads Agency Cardiff

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