How Much Does SEO Cost in Cardiff?

The first considerations are:

  • How competitive is your industry and
  • How competitive are the areas you cover on Google?

Even then, for some local businesses, being on the first page of Google leads to a large increase in leads and sales, while for others it only makes a small difference.

Then you should ask some questions about your website (if you have one):

  • How large is it?
  • Is it well structured?
  • Does it have quality content?
  • How old is it?
  • Does it have many backlinks?
  • Does it run slowly?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • And many more….

SEO Pricing Models

Most agencies offer project-based, retainer-based and hourly based pricing models in order to fit the diverse needs and budget of clients.

However, after years working with hundreds of SEO clients, we know that each client is unique and that we must tailor our SEO services to meet the client’s aspirations and budget.

We will determine a scope of the work by asking questions such as:

  1. How big is the website?
  2. How many pages need optimization?
  3. How much content needs to be developed?
  4. Are there technical issues need to be fixed?
  5. Is the business profile set up correctly?
  6. How many backlinks does the website have?
  7. Who is the competition?

Then we come up with a proposal.

Standard Service

We recommend an SEO investment of £1,000/month.

In the first month we will spend our time fixing existing issues such as:

  • Conducting an SEO audit
  • Optimizing the top 20 priority pages
  • Addressing technical issues
  • Fixing you business profile

In the subsequent months we shall focus on creating content and link-building (inbound and outbound).

Additional Services

Multiple location businesses

For multiple location businesses we recommend an additional investment to build citations for each location and create location-specific content. Typically, this will cost £250 for each additional location.

Larger Websites

If a website has more than 20 priority pages, and the client wants to optimize more pages at the start, then we would charge an extra £50 a page.

Clients with a Limited Budget

We can reduce the scope of work to match a client’s budget down to £500/month. With a reduced fee, we will have fewer hours to spend on the work, so we will conduct the project at a reduced speed.

Using this approach, the client will see the same SEO results but it will take a longer time to realise them.

Another alternative for clients with a limited is budget is for us to educate them on how to handle the SEO project work in-house. The cost of our SEO Consulting and Reporting services is £250 a month

How Much Does SEO Cost in Cardiff?

How much does SEO cost in Cardiff will always be a tricky question, but with the correct strategy a plan can be made so that progress can be made within different budget constraints.

Find out if your company can benefit from SEO by talking to a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency.

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