Google tries to answer the searcher’s requests as quickly and accurately as possible. The question is – how to appear in the Google Answer Box in Cardiff ?

How to appear in the Google Answer Box in Cardiff

Google Answer Box –  The Featured Snippet as Google knows it – is situated in a great position just above the organic search results.

If your website content can aid Google to find a small bit of information then you may be able to appear in the very visible ‘Answer Box’

Target Answerable Keywords

A good starting point is to use queries starting with “how” or “what” but these only represent 25% of the Answer Box queries so it also important to use implicit queries.

A good place to find ideas is in the “People also ask” section in the Google search results.

Remember that Google is more often going to show featured snippets for longer phrases with less searches but be careful to choose keywords that have enough searches per month to be worth the effort.

Plan Content Types

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and Question and Answer sections are good places to put your content targeting  the Google Answer Box.

Write a Concise Summary

Answer the question using 40 to 60 words which is the average length of a featured snippet. It is important to be accurate and to match the results found in other authoritative sites.

Google also understands synonymous keyword so, if your content has multiple keyword variations, you could appear in the Answer Box for each of them.

Arrange Content Precisely

Google uses one of three formats for an answer box – a paragraph, list, or table depending on the key phrase.

For lists and tables, the normal snippet contains four bullets / rows, but it can increase to be as many as nine.

Make sure to use proper tags for your tables.

When using a table, there is  room in the answer box to display up to three columns.

Use Structured Data

Google is actively encouraging using Structured Data which is is not difficult to implement.

Use Structured Data types such as articles, FAQs, how-to content, question-and-answer content, recipes, and reviews.

Dislodge Competitors

You must be on the first page of Google’s search results to get a chance of appearing in the Answer Box so SEO is vital here.

Look at the answers currently appearing and create better answers with the correct tagging and structured data.

How to appear in the Google Answer Box in Cardiff

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