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SEO Keywords are search terms that potential customers use when searching for your products and services. If you have these keywords in your website content then you drastically increase your chances of how to appear on Google search in Cardiff.

How to appear on Google search in Cardiff

Search Engines work by matching the search terms entered into Google to the pages available in their index. The index is created by crawling the websites that they are aware of.

Different types of SEO keywords

Keywords can be classified in two categories: head keywords and long tail keywords.

  • Head keywords consist of one or two words as and have a high search volume and are highly competitive.
  • Long tail keywords consist of more words, have less search volume compared to head keywords but make up 70% of all searches.

The solution to success at the start is to focus on the long-tail keywords as with the correct approach they will be ranked in Google within 6 months and will drive organic traffic to your website.

How to choose keywords for SEO – Keyword Research

Step 1: Decide for which search terms you want your business to be associated with

  • Which search terms do you want to be recognised for online
  • Which words do you expect people to use when looking for your products or services?

Step 2: Create a Keyword list

This step is about creating the actual keywords that you will be targeting:

To do this you will have to enlist the help of a keyword tool. The best option is the Google keyword Planner which is part of Google Ads but totally free.

Step 3: Find Semantic SEO Keywords

This sound difficult but really it is about finding synonyms of your main keywords.

The best way to find Semantic keywords are to use:

  • LSI Keyword Generator
  • Google Search using the ‘People also ask’ and ‘Searches related to’ sections on the Google Search Results page for the keyword

How to use the SEO Keywords that you have decided upon ?

You will need use the keywords in your website content.

Google no longer ranks pages that target individual keywords but are more targeted to topics.

You will need to create one page for each of the main target keywords with the Semantic keywords associated with the target keyword also included in the page

You will also need to set up the your Meta Data which is fully described in this article.

How to appear on Google search in Cardiff

If you need any advise on how to appear on Google search in Cardiff then contact a Google SEO Expert.