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In this article, we are going to show you how to write LinkedIn posts that your target audience will actually read.

This information has been gathered during our achievements during last 10 years using LinkedIn as an online marketing tool,

Let’s start with the strategy

Objectives of using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

Do you want to build your company brand?

Do you want to promote some content and engage in discussions about the latest tactics?

Quick and Informative Posts

People browse fast and efficiently on LinkedIn (spending an average 24 minutes working day).  Some options for you LinkedIn content are:

  • 30-second long videos.
  • Text with eye-catching emojis

Create Engagement on your Posts

There is no point in just adding your posts, you need to create engagement. Ways do do this are:

  • Comment on your post
  • Spark discussions on a blog post
  • Ask for feedback
  • Actually respond to comments

How to Post on LinkedIn

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s excellent native content system and produce short stories that engage your audience, and keep them interested in the next episode by using the “Write an article” feature in LinkedIn (you will find this on your home page).

How to Write a Compelling Headline (between 40 and 49 characters long)

Using odd numbers and special characters in your headline significantly increases the chance of someone reading the article. For example, if you are looking for a new job then a headline such as ”The top 5 job interview mistakes — and how to avoid them” will get your attention.

“How to” posts work very well in LinkedIn. Don’t use ”Question” posts.

Good words to include in your headline include: “habits”, “mistakes”, “successful” or “leader”.

Don’t Go Over The Top with Graphics

Your article will need a nice visual but too many graphics lead to over saturation. We now have a form of banner blindness.

Content of the Post

Ensure that the content of the article delivers on what your headline promises.

  • Maximum length should be 1000 words with 500-700 is best. if you have a lot to say , split your article up into separate posts and link to the other articles.
  • Make sure that you structure the posts using headings and bullet points. Use sexy icons and emojis.
  • No-one will read a ‘wall of words’.
  • Make your content easy to read.

Finish with a strong CTA.

After reading your content, what do you want readers to do next?

  • Do you want them to read more content?
  • Do yu want to capture their email address?
  • Do you want them to download a guide?

Always fish your post with a strong Call to Action that meets your objectives of the post.

Publish and Socialise your Article.

LinkedIn will prompt you to share what you wrote with your connections.

Promote your posts on facebook and Twitter.

Use hashtags to capture the attention of those who follow popular terms.

Link your Article to your LinkedIn Profile.

You want to sure connections can always find your article, so copy and paste the link to your profile.

On LinkedIn, there are two places where you can “pin” articles — at the bottom of your summary story and to individual jobs. Just click to edit those areas and you will see a “Media” section and hyperlink to link your article.

When To Post on LinkedIn

Statistics say that Thursday is the best day to post on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Expert Cardiff

If you do not have the time to make these LinkedIn posts, then contact a LinkedIn Expert Cardiff to get assistance.