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91% of executives think LinkedIn is the best place to find quality content. 
With 600 million professionals users - LinkedIn is the top channel for B2B social marketing.
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Grow Your Business with LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the most efficient ways to get your ads to people who have the power to make things happen. Some statistics;

  • 4 out of every 5 LinkedIn users are in the position to make key business decisions
  • Over half of LinkedIn’s users have college degrees

You need time to create unique content, monitor it for interactions, and analyze results to make improvements for the future

If you do not have this time them you need to employ Linkedin professionals to help you capitalize on LinkedIn

Reasons to Use LinkedIn Marketing

Build Brand Awareness

Use the most effective methods to come to the attention of the people that you want to do business with

Increase Your Engagement

Increase LinkedIn connections, likes, and comments by creating insightful content about your market sector

Improve Brand Consistency

Post to your LinkedIn page frequently to maintain brand consistency and perception

Create Website Traffic

Send your potential clients to your website to find out more information on your products and services

Our LinkedIn Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

The first step in launching LinkedIn marketing is to create a strategy. We will work with you to understand your business, goals, and market, to develop strategy for your business. The strategy will specify your target audience, content plan, and the steps to take to increase your LinkedIn exposure.

LinkedIn Content Creation​

LinkedIn Content Creation

The first step is to create or improve your company page. We will prepare content calendars for each month so that we can pre-plan the campaign. We will create all of the content writing, creative media, and make the updates to your LinkedIn business page.

Audience Identification​

Audience Identification

It is vital to identify your audience and to determine how to connect with them. This can be done organically, with activities such as joining groups, but can be slow progress. For faster growth, we recommend developing captivating posts for LinkedIn’s sponsored updates feature.

LinkedIn Monitoring

LinkedIn Monitoring As your awareness increases your LinkedIn page should begin to receive comments, messages, or other activity. We will monitor your LinkedIn page daily recognizing any opportunities or issues that are posted and responding on your behalf or contact you for your input.

Linkedin Ads

We can target your LinkedIn ads using the following characteristics:

Setting Budgets and Bids

Your LinkedIn Ads must be as cost-effective as possible. We will set up your campaign with a realistic bidding budget either by CPC or CPM

Writing Professional Ad Copy

We will create ad copy is compelling by demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of your area of expertise.

Designing Creative Images

Our graphic design team will create imagery which catches the eye of your target audience and is relevant to your brand.

LinkedIn Marketing Cardiff

Our experienced team has run many linkedin ads campaigns for a variety of industries and we will provide transparent results to show you how your campaigns have really performed.

We will bring experience and knowledge to make your linkedin ads Cardiff campaign successful and save you a lot of time trying to get the best out of LinkedIn on your own.

As well as providing linkedin marketing Cardiff services we are a full service Internet marketing company and will take care of all your advertising requirements such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

We also offer other services such as email marketing, social media management, and SEO.