Monthly Website SEO in Cardiff

How To Peform Regular SEO On Your Website

search engine optimization is an ongoing process and cannot just be left alone.

  1. Update your internal linking structure

    This is not the easiest take in the world, and without documentation of your existing Internal inks it is even more difficult.

    Each article that you add should be connected to relevant groups of similar content on your website, but it is also important to link the existing articles to the new ones. These new pages should always include links to your Cornerstone Content (these are pages about your main products and services)

    Keep a look out for orphaned content (Yoast can help you with this). Orphaned content does not have any other content linking to it.

  2. Refresh your content

    There are two parts to refreshing your content – adding new content and updating existing content.
    New Content
    The ideal scenario is to add at least one new page of content every week. This could be a new product or service, case study, event or blog article: Also be sure to promote the content on the social media.
    Existing Content
    You probably have lots of existing content on your website that needs updating from time to time. This could be for new prices or details of an update. If you change 10% of the content of the article, then don’t forget to change the published date.

    Another point, is to ensure that you are up to date in replying to comments on your blog posts.

  3. Look at your technical SEO

    Some of the technical SEO tasks require expertise. These items should be dealt with as part of an SEO Audit.

    However, some of these tasks you can perform yourselves such as keeping the size of your images as small as possible. You can use tools such as Smush to optimize the size of your images.

  4. Check for cannibalized and outdated content

    Cannibalized content causes competition with (other) existing content on your site. If you see two articles that are on a similar topic, from a similar point of view, consider combining them into one new article.

    Also, don’t keep incorrect or irrelevant pages on your site. These pages must be deleted properly from your site with redirects so that you do not cause 404 errors on Google search.

  5. Add structured data

    Not every type of post is suited for rich results, but for many types of content it can make a difference.

    If you post ‘How To’ or ‘FAQ’, you can use Yoast SEO’s structured data blocks to increase your chances of a rich result.

    Also, if your website contains recipes, products, reviews or events, you will want to use structured data.

  6. Maintain your social media

    Share your blog posts, photographs, events from your daily life and other articles you find interesting. This will keep the engagement high and result in more visitors to your website.

  7. Monthly Website SEO in Cardiff

    If you do not have time to carry out these steps every month, then contact a specialised SEO Agency in Cardiff to get your website to the top of the Google search results

SEO Monthly Tasks

article gives information on the tasks that have to be done every month to get
and, keep your place at the top of the search engine rankings.

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