Move from Google Page 2

Page #2 of Google might seem like a bad place to be, from an SEO point of view, but you are nearly on the first page so your pages just need a boost to move from Google Page 2.

At this time your content has already been written and the pages have already been indexed by Google

Ways To Move Your Posts Up From Page #2 of Google:

Research Your Competition on Google

Look at each of the 10 websites that appear on the first page of Google, and note down the sections that are on these pages but that do not appear on your website.

Then create new content on your pages with this missing information.

Embed a video into your post on the second page of Google search results

If you page does not include a video you need to add one. The video does not have to be your own unique video.

Load YouTube in your web browser and search for the main keyword for your article.

Choose a video that has at least 2,500 views and embed the article in your video.

Below the video add the title of the video on YouTube and the length of the video in (brackets).

Adjust The SEO Title Page Title To Make it More Clickable

These are some ideas to make your SEO title more likely to be clicked upon by potential clients.

  • Add brackets to some part of the title as they make your SEO title stand out
  • Insert current year as when people want the most up-to-date information
  • Add a an odd number – numbers stand out from text and will result in more clicks
  • Add a symbol (e.g. &%#@*) – symbols make your SEO title stand out and result in a higher CTR.
  • Ensure that your keyword is in the SEO title – searchers are looking for the search term they just typed into Google.

Adjust the Meta Description to make the Google serach result more cliackable

Check that your Meta Description has the following, and if not, adjust it accordingly

  • Make sure the keyword is in the meta description and as close as possible to the start of the meta description
  • Make sure the meta description begins with an action word (e.g. “Discover how to…”, “Get more…”, “Increase your…”)
  • Include words that trigger an emotional response (e.g. ‘easy’, ‘free’, ‘fast’, ‘unlimited’, ‘immediate’, ‘solution’, etc.)

Improve Your Page Speed if it does not load in 2 seconds

Page speed is the time it takes your web page to load in a web browser and is now a major ranking factor.

Your page should load in under 2 seconds.

Check this out using GTMetrix and if it is slow then contact your web developer to fix the problem.

Improve the Readability of Your Text within the page to increase visitor time on you site

Goofle now includes time spent on your site in its SEO rankings

Do your pages have the following problems¡

  • Are your sentences more than 20 words?
  • Are your paragraphs more than 4 sentences?
  • Do you have big slabs of text without headings to break them up?

These are all things that stop people from reading your information and should be rewritten.

Change the Date of Publication to Today’s date

If these changes have resulted in a 10% difference to the page, then change the date to the current date.

Move from Google Page 2

Sometimes there is no need to create new content and it is easier  to Move from Google Page 2 and improve your website SEO.