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Reduce Long-form content

This is where people take a volume approach to creating their website content. They think that more text is simply better.

With tools such as SurferSEO  you can check whether longer content is performing well for the keywords that you are targeting.

Then you will find out if t isi better to condense your content into a more concise form that people will read and contact you about your products or services.

Stop Following content templates religiously

While plugins like Yoast can help guide you and stop you making basic errors, do not spend all of your time trying to make the tool 100% green.

The most important item in the page is that the information that will help your website visitor achieve their goals.

By all means, use the keyword in the SEO title but don’t get held up by the other items, such as headers and descpritions, and do more SERP analysis to get the best possible results.

Add external/outbound links

A lot of sites do not point out to external sites or make references without including a link. Reasons for this can be

  • They fear linking to someone that can help their potential clients
  • In the past Google has said it doesn’t help to have outbound links
  • They don’t understand SEO

The reason to include outbound links is that when a crawler follows a link it makes the association between the two pages.

This will give your domain a boost in relevancy and proximity to a potentially authoritative source to show that your information is beneficial the Google community.

When creating these outbound links use anchor text like ‘find out more here’

Improve poor internal linking

You must have a strategy for Internal linking in your website not just random links.

The links should go to pages where more information is provided in a structured way.

Use a spreadsheet to control your internal linking structure and regularly perform an internal link audit on your website.

Do not use the target keyword as the anchor link between pages.

Improve bad formatting

It is vital to break up the content of a page into sections as most people only skim read the page to find the information that they want to know.

Use separators and images to break up the text.

If the page is very long then use a table of contents.

The background behind this thinking comes from the following statistics.

  • The average person can’t deal with more than seven units menu items or bullet points at a time
  • 81 Percent of users only skim the content when reading online.
  • The average attention span for a page is 8 seconds.
  • People follow visual information rather than written instructions.

Bad formatting will affect your SEO Click Through Rate (CTR) because if a visitor has already had a bad experience on your website then they are hardly likely to click on a search engine result to visit the site again.

Make affiliate links no-follow

If you have affiliate links from your website make sure that they are no-follow.

Compress images

All your images must be compressed to stop your page loading too slow which will drive visitors away, especially on mobile devices.

If you are using WordPress, then a plugin like Smush can really help

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