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Generating leads with PPC campaigns can be challenging. Generating high-quality leads is even harder.  It is probabale that you will need a PPC Agency Cardiff to achieve this objective

When working on improving lead quality, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll also lower the number of leads you’re generating. Ideally, the number of quality leads is going up as overall leads declines. This means you’re avoiding the lower quality leads that are easier to come by, and instead are generating higher quality leads.

When working on lead quality, it’s important that you expect a number of things to happen to your KPIs:

  • Overall lead volume will decrease
  • High-quality lead volume should increase
  • Cost per lead usually goes up
  • Cost per high-quality lead should go down
  • Click-through rate typically goes down

1. Target more specific keywords

When working to improve lead quality, one of the first things you should do is revisit your keywords.

Long tail vs. short tail

The name of the game for lead quality is finding those users who actually know what they want, and long-tail keywords are a better way to target them.

Match types

To combat poor matches, you’ll need to pick one of two strategies:

  • Be more vigilant with search query reviews and negative keyword additions, or
  • Limit your use of broader match types.

2. Use qualifying copy in ads

When quality is the focus, we want to purposefully deter some users from clicking on our ads. This needs to be done tactfully. Just because someone isn’t in the right place to click and convert now, doesn’t mean they never will be.

3. Write landing pages for target customers, not all customers

Landing page copy is yet another tool to further qualify the users on the page.

You can be as subtle or as bold as you like, but be sure you’re using your landing page to help qualify users.

4. Give your form the attention it deserves

One certain way to scare off folks who are only window shopping is to ask them for more information. If you’re noticing a large number of forms filled by lower quality leads, try increasing the amount of information you ask for.

5. Leverage back-end data to optimize

With PPC campaigns, we can tag our URLs so all users are tracked back to the keyword level within our campaigns.

Your first challenge: Make sure you’re marketing automation is capturing this information.

Your second challenge: Regularly pull this data out and use it to optimize your campaigns!

This information can be integral when determining where budgets should go, which keywords should stay active, and all sorts of other changes.

PPC Agency Cardiff

We know that your business is not being a specialist in PPC advertising so speak with  an experienced PPC Agency Cardiff to see how you can generate the best quality leads within your budget