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Why people say NO to Google Ads

Some companies will not contemplate Google Ads even though they are a good fit for their business.

Are you one of them ?

They only want organic traffic

The only thing is that there is no such thing as free website traffic.

These businesses are probably referring to search engine optimisation (SEO) when then they are talking about ‘Free’ Traffic.

But to get your website ranked well and stay ranked well in Google ,you need to invest time or money optimizing your webpages.

You have the choice to invest your own time or you need to hire an SEO agency to perform the work.

Even then it may take 6 months to rank for the keywords that you are targeting, so you may need Google Ads in the short term anyway.

No-one clicks on Google Ads

As the majority of Google’s income comes from Google Ads then this cannot be the case.

While it is true that more people click on the organic results, Google Ads still accounts for about 20% of the clicks.

Google Ads are too expensive

In some industries the cost per click can be over 10 but it is not the cost per click that matters it is the return on your investment that is important.

It has already been attempted but did not work

There could be a valid reason for this as your business may not be suitable for Google Ads.

We provide a free Google Ads Audit (if you have access to your account – which you should do) to review your campaign set up and see if it can be improved so that you do not waste your investment on Google Ads.

Google Ads Tutorial (30 minutes)

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