Google Ads are not the right fit for every business. Here we look to see  why you may need to choose PPC in Cardiff.

PPC in Cardiff

Timing to Promote an Offer

If you have a specific offer then it will be impossible to get it to the top of the Google Organic results in the time required. However, you can get your offer to the top of Google Ads in a couple of minutes.

Google is the place where people are looking

Google has taken over as the defacto place for people to look for products and services. If you are not appearing on the first page of Google in the organic search for your keywords then Google Ads is the only place to go while you fix your organic SEO issues.

No Minimum Investment

You do not have to commit thousands of pounds when trying out a new product or service.

A budget of hundreds of pounds can give you an idea of the correct way to go.

You can track your success

Unlike other advertising like TV, radio or the press you can track where your advertising spend is going in terms of website visitors, calls and sales from the extensive Google Ads reporting.

Help your Organic SEO

Google Ads Will show you exactly which keywords people are using to search for your business. You can then use these keywords in your SEO strategy.

Make Improvements to Your Website

If you are paying for clicks to your website then the last thing you want is for visitors to arrive at a place which they immediately exist.

Furthermore, the content of your landing pages must be similar to the keywords in your Ads to improve your Quality Score and, therefore reduce the cost of your clicks.

Calculate your Cost of Client Acquisition

When you are deciding if Google Ads is the correct advertising platform for your business you will go through the exercise of calculating the lifetime value of your customer and working out what is your maximum cost per click.

This cost of client acquisition model should them be used in all of your other marketing methods to determine what is best for you and the maximum that you can afford to invest to get a positive return on your investment.

PPC in Cardiff

Use PPC in Cardiff if you want to get your product or service at the top of Google in minutes when you are trying to promote an offer or your SEO is not ready