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This page is a summary of a series of articles that discuss which type of Google Ads campaign is the right one in a particular circumstance.

Brand Search

The objective of Brand Search is to capture users who actively search for your brand by name.

Recommended for: All companies, regardless of size and industry, will probably make sales when there is an intention to search for your specific brand. Give priority to this campaign if resources allow.

Generic Search Without Brand

Objective: Generate traffic, and possibly new customers, through advertising aimed at people who can buy your products but are not necessarily aware of your brand.

Recommended for: Everyone, but don’t prioritize this method before some of the most profitable campaigns on this list. However, for brands that seek to increase revenue from their top line and acquire new customers, generic search without a brand must be an absolute priority.

Niche Search Without A Brand

Objective: Acquire new customers from niche markets that match your niche products.

Recommended for: Brands with a niche product or that target a niche market within a category of unbranded products, such as “vegan deodorant” or “used memorabilia of NFL (National Football League) games.”

Google Ads Competitor Search

Objective: Acquire new customers who may not know your brand or product by having them present themselves to buyers looking for your competitors.
Relevance to the public: Low. (Users are looking for a specific competitor, not your brand)

Recommended for: Traders who are already conducting profitable campaigns and interested in acquiring new customers. Also, for merchants with a high value for life or who are actively testing different campaigns aimed at customer acquisition.
A competitor search campaign is actually a reverse brand search campaign. Instead of bidding on the name and products of your own brand, bid on searches for your competitors’ brand keywords.

Google Shopping Ads Using Brand

Objective: Capture search engines that are specifically buying your products / product categories using your brand keywords.

Recommended for: Companies selling physical products that have already invested in brand awareness and those that feel comfortable making adjustments to Google ads to create this type of campaign.

Google Shopping Ads – Not Using Your Brand

Objective: Capture users who are specifically looking for the types of products you sell, but not necessarily your branded products by name.

Recommended for: Most companies that sell physical products. However, this type of campaign should not be prioritized over the most profitable types of campaign unless you have specific goals for new customers, growth or maximum revenue.
You can create an independent campaign for Google Shopping without a brand, similar to the above-mentioned brand purchase campaign.

When To Use Google Ads Remarketing

Objective: Specific advertising for potential buyers who have previously visited your site, browsed a page of a specific category, added items to your cart, or who have already made a purchase.

Recommended for: All businesses, especially those that are not doing any remarketing, despite directing traffic to your site.
Although getting traffic is the first step in converting visitors into customers, it is unlikely that most visitors make a purchase or provide information immediately. If a 2% customer conversion rate is good for most industry standards, that means that 98% of traffic will not become a purchase, at least on a first visit.

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