When to use a Google Ads Brand Search Campaign

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This page is a part of a series of articles that discuss which type of Google Ads campaign is the right one in a particular circumstance.

The first type of campaign is Brand Search.

Brand Search

The objective of Brand Search is to capture users who actively search for your brand by name.

Relevance to the public: High. (They are looking for you.)

Estimated cost per click: Low (~ £ 0.25 to £ 3.00).

ROI Expectations: High (3: 1 to 30: 1). These users are specifically looking for your brand.

KPIs: Profitability, number of orders.

Scalability: This will depend on how established your brand is. It will also depend on how many people look for you, which can be increased by other types of marketing that increase brand awareness.

Recommended for: All companies, regardless of size and industry, will probably make sales when there is an intention to search for your specific brand. Give priority to this campaign if resources allow.

Brand keywords contain the exact names of a brand or product. For example, “Apple phone” or “iPhone” are Apple keywords.

You may not think about bidding for your own brand, especially if your site already appears organically at the top of the search results, but doing so will allow you to promote specific information (using Google ad extensions) and set the page exactly where you want people to enter. It also protects you from the competition that could bid on your name or other brand keywords.

Since the sales limit for brand search depends on the number of people who are really looking for you, brand search campaigns can complement brand awareness campaigns. A pop-up store or a viral Facebook video, for example, can generate more searches for your brand.

Ease of implementation: This type of campaign can be difficult to implement if you are not familiar with search engine marketing. Internal or third party resources may be required. However, brand search management does not demand much work, so if possible, make this a priority.

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