To be successfully online you need a high quality website that is better than your competition. This article demonstrates the characterists of a high quality and the the thinks needed to create a high quality website Cardiff.

Quality Web Design Cardiff

What are the Characteristics of a High Quality Website

Unique content

Both within your own site and compared to external sites

Show your Expertise

There is no point in attracting visitors to your website and it looking good if the content does not show that your company is right for the work

Mobile Friendly

Your website must work on mobile as well as desktop devices


Can the visitors find what they want on your website?

Attention to detail

Make sure that there are no broken links, grammar or spelling mistakes

SEO Optimized

Unsure that each page has a target keyword


A fast website will rank higher and create more conventions, sales and loyal readers.

Social Media

Have links to your social media and ensure that your social media accounts have followers

User Engagement and Interaction

Do users interact by adding comments, making suggestions, getting into conversations etc.?

Works without Technical Issues

Your website should be running on the latest version of the software and not be infected

Better than the competition

Is your website better than the websites that your rivals have ?

So how to create a high quality website?

Follow these steps:

  • Check your site for content uniqueness – use Copyscape
  • Check your site for content duplication, spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Your website should be mobile friendly.
  • Use small paragraphs to make reading easier
  • Make your web site load fast
  • Work on your social media promotion
  • Check your bounce rate
  • Check your competition
  • keep your website up-to-date in terms of software updates
  • delete spam or inappropriate comments.

Quality Web Design Cardiff

It is no use having a website if it does not appear at the top of Google and have useful content. Contact us to find out how to build the best web design Cardiff.