Google does not only care about delivering the most relevant information – it also wants to ensure it that it is delivering the correct information.

What is Google E.A.T?

E is for Expertise

There are two types of experts.

  • Formal experts who are from a certified profession such as law, finance or medicine, etc
  • Everyday experts such as fashion, cooking, or decorating, etc

A is for Authority

Authority refers to credentials and reputation. Things such as a blog, speaking engagements or publishing a book shows that you are an authority in your field.

Authority is about establishing influence, other ways to demonstrate authority include backlinks from reputable sources, your reputation, and your branding.

T is for Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is measured according to how helpful your website content is to searchers. The articles and company information need to be accurate, easy to reach, and contain links back to subject matter sites.

Sites also must be secure (SSL) and provide simple navigation, reliable pricing, and an easy to find privacy policy with opt-in information.

Google Quality Raters

Google have a team of human beings called Quality Raters. They will downgrade a website if

  • It fails to show Expertise, Authority, or Trust
  • It has low-quality main content
  • It has Ads that are distracting or contain inappropriate images
  • There is no author biography
  • The author or the website has a poor on-line reputation

The relationship between E-A-T and Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) Pages

YMYL are websites that includes things like medical, legal, or financial information – websites that can have an impact on your health, wealth, or happiness.

If your target is to help people make decisions that might impact their health or how they choose to invest their money your website will need supporting information with references, expert quotes, and links to reputable sources.

How to Optimize for E-A-T

Digital Footprint

Digital footprint refers to the traces of your company across the web. This includes your website, guest post sites, reviews, mentions, press releases or complaints.

You can see you Digital Footprint by entering site:youwebsite and Google “company name + SCAM into a web browser.

Sources & Known Facts:

If your credibility is listed on sites with .edu  and .gov extensions these are likely to be high-authority domains Other high-authority domains as media channels like the BBC, The New York Times or Reuters

Also note the source of your information at the bottom of articles and a follow link back to the original article.

Industry Studies & Industry Interviews

Try to contact or include views from subject matter experts in your field, medical professionals, credible organizations or Google News-Approved websites.

About The Author

Part of meeting the E-A-T standard is understanding who is responsible for a website and the content that lives on it.

Include a photograph and paragraph about key employees that includes professional memberships/affiliations, achievements, and experience

Privacy Policy

Include a privacy policy as this signals trust with your visitors.


Check your website content Duplicate content using a tool like Copyscape to make sure that your content hasn’t been copied from or by another website or that the content is not being used on another site if you have multiple locations.

Internal Links:

The website Internal link structure are very important for SEO as they help Google understand your internal navigation better, and helps identify the author of a page. So include links to relevant pages on your website.

External Links:

It is important to link to sources that you would like to link to you, as well as giving credit for having used their content, to provide more useful information.


To earn trust with search engines you will need links from websites with a Domain Authority. Links from these sites send qualified traffic to your website.

Include the last Updated Date Page for your Blog Entries

Adding a date to your blog entry is an easy way to show your visitors that your content is current.


An FAQ page should provide answers to questions on a particular subject and, hopefully, they will be included in part to Google’s rich results.

Review Snippet

The benefit of the review snippet is that it helps brands to demonstrate trust and expertise.

For more information on this subject please click here

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