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We believe that using a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) works best especially if you are a new business or if your website is not on the first page of the Google serach results. Find out how SEO and PPC Cardiff work together.
SEO and PPC Cardiff

Difference between SEO and PPC

Let’s first describe the difference between SEO and PPC if you are not clear.

  • SEO is the process to increase the ranking of your site of the search engines using targeted keywords, high-quality content and incoming links to your site.
  • PPC is an advertising technique that allows you to bid for keywords. The highest bidder for a keyword in your selected region will appear at the top of the Google results

Problems for New and Small Businesses

It takes time for your website to appear at the top of Google even if you have good quality content and you are updating the content frequently.

So, the use of PPC is really the only way at the start to get your products and services in front of your prospective clients.

Although PPC gives your business exposure at the top of Google almost immediately as soon as you stop the Google Ads your visibility will disappear.

Using the Results of the PPC Campaign to Drive your PPC Strategy

Google Ads will provide you with the exact search terms that your potential clients are using to search for your products and services.

Your pages and posts in your website should be targeting these search terms.

In this way, as soon as you are ranking organically in SEO then you can switch off the Google Ads PPC and your website will not disappear from the Google search results

How to Use the Results of the PPC in your SEO?

From Google Ads Keyword search terms, you will have a list of the top keywords.

For each keyword search term, create a page or post on your website with this search term as your target keyword. There are various rules to follow such as number of words per page, keyword density, use of headings, etc which are explained here.

As soon as more people are clicking on your organic results than you PPC Google Ads then you can switch off the PPC but do remember to keep on blogging as you will soon fall down the page if you do not.

SEO and PPC Cardiff

If you are a new business or a business that is not ranking well in Google then you need to reap the benefits of harnessing SEO and PPC Cardiff to achieve sustainable first page rankings in Google.