The problems with SEO is the detail and, unfortunately, there are a lot of details.

 To do a detailed audit you must have a checklist but this guide focusses on the major SEO audit points.

SEO Audit Cardiff

Webpage Title Tag

Although the Title tag is one of the most important SEO aspects it does not actually appear on your webpage! The best way to see it without looking into the code is to look at the name of the browser tab, or window.

The Title tag is vital since it is the best place to put the keyword phrase that you want to rank for in Google. The Title Tag should also include another term related to your business but not the key phrase.

Start with the Homepage and then move onto the other main product or service pages on your website.

Meta Descriptions

You will have to look at the source code to review your meta descriptions. When viewing the source, search for, <meta name=”description”> to find the meta description.

Google does not rank you on the meta description but they are a key factor in your website rankings as more clicks are good for your positioning in the search results.

The meta description is very important to persuade your potential website visitor to click on your link so it must provide compelling information why your services are the best  

H1 Tags

H1 Tags do show up on the webpage.

The H1 Tag is similar to your Title tag in that it explains to Google what this particular webpage is detailing.  Your H1 must include a target keyword phrase, so that then Google knows your webpage is relevant for that keyword and should be worthy of inclusion in the search results.

The H1 Tag should be a variation of the Title Tag.

H2 Tags

Think of H2 tags as sub-headlines in your newspaper. H2 Tags help to break the content up so it is easier for the user to find what they are looking for.

Your key phrase should be included in at least one H2 Tag.


In the webpage content include at least one synonym to your main key phrase.

Webpage Contents

The length of your copy depends on the competition that you are experiencing on line. Sometimes you can get away with the 300 words but generally the target is 500 words or more.

The second item to consider is the quality of your content. While this is harder to judge than the length, the idea is to have better content than your competitors websites for the same target keywords.

Domain Canonicalization

This refers to www. You should be able to reach your website using www and without the www.

Broken Links

Google does not like broken links because it holds up users when they are moving about your  website.

So broken links will hurt your rankings.

The best way to check for broken links is to use Google Search Console.

Duplicate Content

Google will not rank duplicate content. So if a page on your website is a duplicate page of another website then it will not get ranked as it provides no additional value.

It could be that your page is the one that is ranked as the other website owner has copied your text but copying text is just a bad idea.

Siteliner is a free program that will help you check for duplicate content on your pages.

Website Load Speed

Maybe this should be number 1!

If your websites takes more than 3 seconds to load then you are in danger of losing visitors.

We suggest using GTmetrix to check your website speed. You may need technical help to decipher the rests to make the improvements to your website that you need to get the load speed faster.


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