SEO Best Practices in Cardiff Wales

Duplicate content can cause issues with SEO Best Practices in Cardiff Wales. The 3 likely SEO problems that may be caused by duplicate content are the following:
  • Wasted crawl budget. This means that the important pages on your site are going to be crawled less frequently.
  • Link juice dilution. For both external and internal content duplication, link juice dilution is one of the biggest SEO downsides.
  • Only one of the pages ranking for target keywords. When Google finds duplicate content instances, it will typically show only one of them in response to search
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Scraped content

Scraped content is basically an unoriginal piece of content on a site that has been copied from another website without permission.If you do find scraped copies of your content, it’s a good idea to first contact the webmaster asking them to remove the piece (or put a canonical link to the original if that works for you). If that’s not effective, you may want to report the scraper using Google’s copyright infringement report.

Syndicated content

Syndicated content is content republished on a different website with the permission of the original piece’s author. And while it is a legit way to get your content in front of a new audience, it’s important to set guidelines for the publishers you work with to make sure syndication doesn’t turn into an SEO problem.

WWW and non-WWW pages

One of the oldest causes for duplicate content in the book is when the site’s WWW and non-WWW versions are both accessible. Like with HTTPS, this problem is commonly fixed by implementing 301 redirects. Perhaps an even better option is specifying your preferred domain in Google Search Console.

Dynamically generated URL parameters

Dynamically generated parameters are often used to store certain information about the users (such as session IDs), or to display a slightly different version of the same page (such as one with sorting or filtering adjustments made).While these pages will typically contain the same (or highly similar) content, both are fair game for Google to crawl.

Similar content

When people talk about content duplication, they often imply completely identical content. However, pieces of very similar content also fall under Google’s definition of duplicate content:Such issues can frequently occur with e-commerce sites, with product descriptions for similar products that only differ in a few specs. To tackle this, try to make your product pages diverse in all areas apart from the description: user reviews are a great way to achieve this.