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Page 2 of Google may seem like a bad place to be, from an SEO perspective.

But in reality, these keywords and pages are the place where you should focus if you want to quickly increase your traffic.

Here are the reasons why:

  • The website content has already been written
  • The pages have already been indexed by Google
  • You now need to amend them to push them to page 1

Below are 7 Methods To Move Your Posts Up From Page 2 of Google

Method One – Expand Your Content

Look at the headings and sub-headings in the articles that are on the first page results.

List any topics or sub-topics those articles cover that your article doesn’t and create new content around these topics.

Method Two – Embed a Video

If your article doesn’t already contain a video, go to YouTube, type in the main keyword for your article and find a useful video on the same topic as your article.

Look for a video that has at least 2,500 views and has a good thumbs-up/thumbs-down ratio.

Then embed the video in your article. Just above the article insert an H2 heading that says:

Watch this video: ‘title of video [which should include your main keyword]’ (05 mins 34 secs)”

Within the rounded brackets insert the actual length of the video.

Method Three – Adjust the SEO Title

Review your SEO title and see if you can implement any of the following:

  • Add parentheses (brackets) to make your SEO title stand out
  • Insert the current year – as people want the most up to date information
  • Add an odd number – e.g., 7 Methods To Move Your Posts Up From Page 2 of Google
  • Add a symbol such as &%#@*
  • Ensure your keyword is in the SEO title

Method Four – Adjust the Meta Description

Ensure that the keyword is placed in the meta description as close to the start that is possible

Make sure the meta description begins with an action word (e.g. “Discover how to…”, “Get more…”, “Increase your…”)

Include words that trigger an emotional response (e.g. ‘easy’, ‘free’, ‘fast’, ‘unlimited’, ‘immediate’, ‘solution’, etc.)

Method Five – Improve Your Page Speed

The time it takes your website page to load in a browser is now a major Google ranking factor.

GTMextrix will show you the page speed of your website. Your web development team should be asked to fix these issues.

Method Six – Improve the Readability of Your Text

Some questions about the text in your articles:

  • Are your sentences more than 20 words?
  • Are your paragraphs more than 4 sentences?
  • Do you have large pieces of text without headings to break them up?

If so, then re-write the text on the page to conform with the guidelines.

Method Seven – Remember to Change the Date of Publication

Only change the date of publication if you have updated at least 10% of the article otherwise Google my treat this as an attempt to trick the search engine and could result in a penalty.

SEO Cardiff

If you do not have the time to make these changes, then contact an agency specialising in SEO Cardiff to get assistance.