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Over the last 10 years this is the most asked question that we have. People smile when they hear the answer but it is not really what they want to hear.

The first thing that matters here is getting ranked for keywords that will drive traffic to your business rather than some random terms the business owns thinks that are important.

These relevant keywords are likely to take 6 months to get first page ranking (depending on the competition).

The irrelevant keywords with no intent could be ranked in a month using:

  • External links
  • Internal links
  • Social links

How to Get to Page 1 on Google Search

The real answer depends on the following items:

  • The age of the site (i.e., new site or an existing site).
  • How competitive are the keywords and industry
  • The popularity of the site – famous brand or small business
  • What you are trying to get ranked for – standard search, voice search, answer box, etc
  • What is the current ranking position for your targeted key words

Audit of Current Situation

The first thing to do is make an audit.

If a startup with a brand-new website and new domain with zero links and no popularity, and they want to rank on Page 1 for real estate agent, then this will take a very long time as  they will need to create a lot of great content and inbound links.

As an alternative, the website could be ranking just below the first page for their target keywords. This project is much more likely to gain success in a reasonable timeframe.

How Long Does It Take to Get First Page Rankings? 

Once Google sees that the site is getting more popular and contains new and useful content that people are reading, the website will start to move up the search engine results (SERPS).

These are the steps that are required:

  • Initiate integrated marketing campaign across all platforms – social, paid, and email
  • Create a content strategy that focuses on realistic targets.

Time To Achieve Rankings

The time period we have seen it take to get to Page 1 based on our experience

Category             Competitive Keywords Non-Competitive  Keywords

New Site             9 to 12 months+              1 to 4 months +

Known Brand     3 to 6 months                   1 month or les

SEO Consultant Cardiff

Brands must focus not only on their websites but also across all devices and platforms that can help spread the word.

This strategy will take time, so do not get discouraged when you do not see immediate results. Stick with the plan and you will eventually succeed in getting your website get incremental traffic and conversions, and make your brand a success online.

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